Dentsu’s New Global Management Structure ‘Blends Japanese Innovation with a Global Perspective’

Dentsu is rolling out a more diverse global leadership team to “foster agile decision-making, strategic focus and clarity across the group.”
Dentsu Group President & CEO Hiroshi Igarashi

Starting on the first of next year, Dentsu will integrate its leadership team with a global management structure following dentsu’s announced intention to integrate Dentsu International and Dentsu Japan Network into a single dentsu organization worldwide.

According to Dentsu, the simplified structure will allow the business to “foster agile decision-making, strategic focus and clarity across the group whilst driving operational excellence.”

The Group Management Team will be headed by President & CEO Hiroshi Igarashi and consists of 36 globally diverse Group Management members, including the 21-person Group Executive Management with executive responsibility. The team will directly govern the four business regions worldwide.


The global leadership structure will be made up of a more diverse global leadership team that “blends Japanese innovation with a global perspective.” The changes include Nick Priday being appointed as Denstu’s first non-japanese CEO.

“Under this team, we will realize the potential our 65,000-strong, worldwide employee-base, bringing together their unique strengths within the countries and regions in which dentsu operates,” said Hiroshi Igarashi, President & CEO.

“This will allow us to achieve global business growth and improve profitability through synergies and increased efficiency.”


Group Management Team

According to Dentsu, the members of the Group Management Team (36 Group Management in total, including 21 Group Executive Management) as of January 1, 2023, are as follows.

Hiroshi Igarashi and Arinobu Soga will remain as Representative Directors, and Nick Priday and Norihiro Kuretani will remain as Directors.

Appointment of 15 Group Management (effective January 1, 2023)

The Group Management Team will be responsible for the execution of the whole of dentsu, which consists of approximately 900 companies doing business in 145 countries, not just the Dentsu Group Inc.

Dentsu Global Management

  • Hiroshi Igarashi, President & CEO, Dentsu Group Inc.
  • Arinobu Soga becomes Executive Vice President & Chief Governance Officer, Dentsu Group Inc.
  • Haruhiko Hirate becomes Executive Vice President & Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Dentsu Group Inc.
  • Nick Priday becomes Chief Financial Officer, Dentsu Group Inc.
  • Soichi Takahashi becomes Chief Strategy Officer & Chief Integration Officer, Dentsu Group Inc.
  • Miho Tanimoto becomes Chief HR Officer, Dentsu Group Inc.
  • Jean Lin becomes Chief Culture Officer, Dentsu Group Inc.
  • Jeremy Miller becomes Chief Communications Officer, Dentsu Group Inc.
  • Dominic Shine becomes Chief Information Officer, Dentsu Group Inc.
  • Alison Zoellner becomes General Counsel, Dentsu Group Inc.
  • Masaya Nakamura becomes Chief Integrated Solutions Officer, dentsu
  • Takeshi Sano becomes CEO, Business Transformation, dentsu
  • Jacki Kelley becomes CEO, dentsu Americas & Chief Global Client Officer, dentsu
  • Norihiro Kuretani becomes CEO, dentsu Japan
  • Giulio Malegori becomes CEO, dentsu EMEA
  • Rob Gilby becomes CEO, dentsu APAC
  • Michael Komasinski becomes CEO, CXM, International markets, dentsu
  • Peter Huijboom becomes CEO, Media, International markets, dentsu
  • Fred Levron becomes Global Chief Creative Officer, dentsu. (excluding Japan)
  • Yoshimasa Watahiki becomes Chief Operating Officer, dentsu Japan
  • Nnenna Ilomechina becomes Chief Operating Officer, International markets, dentsu

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