Dentsu Webchutney Launches Logitech Pebble Through One-of-a-Kind Rube Goldberg Machine

    By The Staff - Oct 7, 2019
    Dentsu Webchutney Launches Logitech Pebble Through One-of-a-Kind Rube Goldberg Machine

    Logitech has launched the “Logitech Pebble” mouse campaign via Dentsu Webchutney India.

    ThePebble InstaVibe Test is part of an activation where consumers can win a free Logitech Pebble mouse through a Rube Goldberg machine that analyzes their Instagram profiles to check if their “vibe” matches the stylish mouse.

    A QR code scan lets the user log into their Instagram, which subsequently gets fed into the machine. Once the profile is loaded, the machine breaks down the profile into its various parameters that are native to the platform. From the number of likes and followers to the hashtags and filters – every part of the user’s profile is thoroughly evaluated with a unique result generated in every stage of the machine. This analysis (through the chain of events) eventually leads to a final result that determines your Instagram’s vibe. If it’s stylish and modern like the Pebble, the mouse is unlocked for the user to take.


    “A Rube Goldberg machine is one of the best examples of art and technology coming together,” said Gurbaksh Singh, Chief Creative Technologist, Dentsu Webchutney. “Something that the audience and the product both can relate to. Every stage in the installation is a visual representation of a unique part of your Instagram profile. We scanned through the user’s interests like fashion, travel, music and more to get a cohesive quotient. We hope that the InstaVibe Test really brings consumers closer to the Pebble’s product promise”

    “Catching the attention of consumers in today’s time and age is more than just making advertisements,” added Sumera Dewan, Associate Vice President, Dentsu Webchutney. “With the InstaVibe Test, we made Logitech stand out by giving a larger-than-life treatment to an Instagram profile analysis. Packaged in a contraption that might just be the world’s first auto-reversible dynamic Rube Goldberg machine, we created a unique interaction with the brand that adds a whole new meaning to owning one’s workspace.”



    Chief Creative Officer: Sudesh Samaria
    Chief Creative Technologist: Gurbaksh Singh
    EVP and Branch Head: Nishi Kant
    Creative Director: Abbas Zaidi
    Director – Production & Motion Graphics: Hemant Kumar
    Director – Production & Technology: Rakesh Kumar Bairwa
    Group Head – Art: Rabindra Nath Dutta
    Senior Art Director: Kavita Gupta
    Copy Supervisors: Ajinkya Ketkar and Saptarishi Chakrabarti
    Copywriters: Ansh Pradhan and Aishwarya Vishwanathan
    AVP – Account Management: Sumera Dewan
    Account Manager: Lohitaksh Guliani

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