Dentsu Partners With 55/Redefined to Tackle Ageism in the Ad Industry

Dentsu UK today has announced it is partnering with 55/Redefined to tackle ageism and improve the representation of over 50-year-olds in the advertising industry.

“Dentsu is dedicated to creating a wholly inclusive workforce across the UK which can in turn help brands to authentically reach and engage with new customers from right across society,” the company said in a release.

The new alliance sees it become accredited as an age-aware employer and committed to the following:

  • Investing in technical training and re-skilling for over 50s, including a brand-new apprenticeship program aimed at re-training this age group across dentsu
  • Ensuring recruitment processes are inclusive and accessible to people over the age of 50
  • Reviewing retirement-related HR guidance and policies by ensuring people are not encouraged to retire at a set age and by engaging with dentsu’s over 50 community to better understand the experiences they feel would enable them to remain engaged at work for longer
  • Communicating and promoting job vacancies fairly and to best engage people aged over 50

The recent industry-wide All In Census revealed that the UK advertising industry skews significantly younger than the general population with just 5% aged over 55.

“At dentsu we’re focussed on building a truly inclusive network that thrives on diversity of thought and experience,” said Anne Sewell, Chief People Officer, dentsu UK.

“Prioritizing attracting and retaining people at a time when they typically choose to take their careers in a different direction is not only the right thing to do but it also makes sound business sense to hold on to this community’s vast talent, knowledge and experience. Our collaboration with 55/redefined marks an important first step on a longer-term journey that we hope encourages others to follow suit.”


Lyndsey Simpson, Founder/CEO at 55Redefined Group added: “Almost half of the UK’s 53 million adults are over 50 and this is only set to grow with people living longer and leading healthier lives. Our research shows that over 50s’ desire to work and progress in their careers is at odds with most companies’ perceptions of this community meaning they’re missing out on a huge pool of talent.

“By 2050, the working age (16-64) population will have shrunk by between 21-28% across all Western Countries creating a shortfall of over 50m skilled, university educated workers. The over 60 population is conversely set to grow by over 40% in the same period, so it’s vital we tackle ageism in the workplace now through partnerships like this that will help to future-proof dentsu and the ad industry.”

A recent ageism report from 55/Redefined and ProAge finds:

  • 56% of over 55s want to continue working beyond age 65 but 65% of employers still encourage retirement at the legal retirement age or before.
  • 65% of employees believe the jobs market is closed to them applying for roles aged over 55.
  • 90% aged 55-65 believe they have transferable skills to move role/ industry if their employer was prepared to offer technical training.
  • 43% of over 50s would consider re-training for a new role
  • 47% are looking to change roles to find something more interesting
  • Conversely, 65% of employers will only hire people already experienced and delivering in a specific role and will not train on technical role or industry skills for the over 55 age group.

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