Dentsu Malaysia Consolidates Lemonade into Isobar

    Lemonade’s Managing Director Ruhana DaSilva will lead the newly expanded Isobar team.

    By The Staff - Mar 11, 2021
    Dentsu Malaysia Consolidates Lemonade into Isobar

    Ruhana DaSilva, Managing Director, Lemonade

    Dentsu Malaysia has merged Lemonade into Isobar. Lemonade’s influencer marketing and social commerce offerings will now reside within Isobar, which will become the network’s go-to-market brand for experience-led transformation for brands.

    The aim, says CEO Kien Eng Tan, is for clients to have easier access to end-to-end creative solutions that are driven by everything from building meaningful brands, driving end-to-end platform experiences, innovating products and services, and transformation consulting in an age of inclusive intelligence.

    “Customer experiences have changed in 2020, and we can only expect to see more brands shifting their focus on creating and realizing hyper-transformational customer experiences,” said Tan.

    Lemonade’s Managing Director Ruhana DaSilva will lead the newly expanded Isobar team and report to Kien Eng Tan. Ruhana brings a decade’s experience with previous experience in SaaS, hedge funds, and capital markets.

    “With dentsu’s global transformation to simplify and deliver integrated marketing solutions that are data-driven, tech-enabled and ideas-led, Lemonade was perfectly positioned to integrate our hyper-personalized and consumer-first approach to that of Isobar’s global digital experience as a market leader, while still keeping Lemonade as a product and largest case study of what we’ve been able to achieve the past 3 years,” said DaSilva.

    “From scaling a team with a variety of clients and partners from sports and entertainment, health and beauty, and more. This represents a meaningful milestone for our teams, and partners as we look ahead to forge the way for the new virtual economy.”


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