Dell India Creates Heartwarming Spot for Sharing Festive Moments

Grey Bangalore has created the #ShareTheJoy campaign spot for Dell computers inviting viewers to share the joy of festive occasions through technology.

Ok, that sounds a lot less warm than the spot actually makes it feel, but you know what we mean, right?

The ad also features some great plugs for Facebook –not sure what sort of arrangement is going on there but if we hear something we’ll keep you posted.


According to Ritu Gupta, Director, Marketing – Consumer & Small Business, Dell India:

“The concept of #ShareTheJoy recreates the sentimental value of festivity, as we seek to celebrate with our customers and watch the happiness grow.”

“Festivals are all about festive spirit, which brings out our best selves and creates a stage for us to spread cheer among others,” said Ram Jayaraman, Senior Executive Director, Grey Bangalore.

“Any act of niceness is inspiring and has a cascading effect. And with technology, we can share the joy like never before.”


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