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When it comes to food delivery, a dish is only as good as how it was delivered, if it is delivered badly, it’s ruined. Bumped smashed, dropped, late — there are dozens of ways to ruin a dish in transit.

With that in mind, Deliveroo UAE has launched the One Star Cookbook, a cookbook full of dishes inspired by real online one-star reviews of delivery disasters.

Created by independent creative agency ‿ and us in Dubai, One Star Cookbook contains 36 unique creations made from real delivery mishaps – reinforcing how important an ingredient the delivery is for any dish. Each dish is a vivid reminder of what Deliveroo works tirelessly to avoid – and what drives them to constantly keep improving their customer offering. Promoted on social media and influencer channels, a copy of the book can be obtained by registering interest on a dedicated website: An initial print run of 30,000 copies was printed for the bloggers, vloggers and food influencers promoting it on social and for those who registered their interest on the site, distributed on a discretionary ‘first come, first serve basis’.


George Schempers, Head of Marketing at Deliveroo said: “We know things can go wrong during the delivery process, as the internet full of one-star reviews shows. But Deliveroo is a company that’s always going to try harder to get it right. This is our pledge to our customers and what drives us to constantly improve, whether with driver training or customer service. Sure, we may also get it wrong sometimes, but no one is doing more to make sure our customers are happy… and this is a commitment we won’t waver from.”

Jamie Kennaway. Executive Creative Director at ‿ and us added: “The insight is clear — when it comes to food delivery, the simple fact is that no matter how good the restaurant, chef, or ingredients — a dish is only as good as how it is delivered. If a dish is messed up in delivery, it’s ruined. It made us think that the delivery itself is a crucial part of the recipe.”

Fadi Yaish. Founder and Chief Creative Officer at ‿ and us continued: “Since Deliveroo UAE is so committed to bring dishes the best way possible, we liked the approach instead of showcasing the dishes they strive to deliver, let’s show the ones they strive not to deliver. There are tons of ways to mess a dish up in delivery – bashed, smashed, bumped, spilt, or simply delayed. From reading reviews of how dishes turned up, we gave a likely backstory how each delivery disaster came to be.”


Each dish was designed and written with the same level of detail as any high end cook-book, and can be recreated with the delivery mistake central to the recipe.


Client: Deliveroo UAE
Head of Marketing: George Schempers

Founder and CCO: Fadi Yaish
Account Director: Lama Halimeh
Executive Creative Director : Jamie Kennaway
Senior Art Director: Saymon Medeiros
Design Director: Ryan Atkinson
Designer: Thomas Larthe
Executive Tech Director: Diogo Borges
Copy Revisor: Lakshmy N.
Producer: Serra Chehade
Typesetting: Ryan Atkinson, Atkinson Co.
Photography: Magali Polverino
Photography assistant: Lourdes Avellaneda
Art direction: Pato Katz
Art assistants: Michu Barisch/ Esteban Perera
Food stylist: Loli Braga Menendez
Food stylist assistant: Agus Salatino
Studio manager: Candela Cortes

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