Defend Yourself Against the Meat Sweats – Old Spice and Arby’s Funny New Collaboration

Turning back the clock to classic Old Spice spots, Isaiah Mustafa hacks into a new Arby’s commercial for an odd pairing to tackle not just your hunger, but “meat sweats” And this time it’s not “I’m on a horse” it’s “I’m on a Horsey Sauce.”

The 30-second spot, which is part of the “Ultimeat Dreams” campaign, opens up like most Arby’s ads, with images of meat piled high on an unusually large sandwich while Ving Rhames narrates “Arby’s half-pound roast beef, piled high with…”

Suddenly, Mustafa, in his trademark white towel, is climbing the massive sandwich as he cries out “meat sweats!”


Check it out:

“A collaboration between Old Spice and Arby’s to solve the age-old problem of the notorious meat sweats that we’ve all faced at some point was a perfect match,” said Matt Krehbiel, Old Spice vice president at Procter & Gamble.


“Old Spice continues to look for ways to leverage signature humor and unexpected partnerships that remind them of the importance of long-lasting protection, even if it’s after eating a Half Pound Roast Beef Sandwich.”

For those so inclined, and in the right market, one can also purchase the “Meat Sweat Defense Kit’ over on Arby’s website.