Deadpool & Wolverine Take a Break from Hostilities With a Heineken Silver

“One thing that Deadpool and Wolverine can agree on is that Toad is not in anyone’s top 10 mutants.”


Heineken Silver will once again be stepping into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), this time for the release of Marvel Studios’ “Deadpool & Wolverine” on July 26.

The collaboration will include a new creative campaign featuring Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) and Hugh Jackman (Wolverine), including a 30-second spot where Deadpool entices Wolverine to rise above hostility, offering to instead share a Heineken Silver

“One thing that Deadpool and Wolverine can agree on is that Toad is not in anyone’s top 10 mutants,” said Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, in a joint statement.


“But that’s not why you’re here. The other thing we agree on is that we’re happy to be entering the MCU with Heineken Silver. Nothing gets you through the long and frequently confusing days in the multiverse like the crisp & refreshing taste of Heineken Silver.”

“The campaign’s creative plays on an unexpected outcome, showing how even the most bitter of adversaries can find common ground over an iconic beer,” said Bruno Bertelli, Global CEO LePub, CCO Publicis Worldwide..

“With ‘All The Taste, No Bitter Endings’ we brought a twist to two rivals’ behavior. The result is a campaign that defies expectations, leans into irony and hopefully puts a smile on your face.”


“We are thrilled with the opportunity to continue building our presence within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this time through a unique collaboration that will leave MCU fans without any bitter ending,” said Jonnie Cahill, Chief Marketing Officer at Heineken USA.

“This team-up will give viewers a special opportunity to see Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) and Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) set aside their differences over a beer, which is what Heineken Silver is all about – rising above bitterness to come together over a world-class beer.”

“We’re excited to be bringing Heineken into the MCU fold again,” said Holly Frank, VP of Partnership Management & Operations for Marvel Studios titles. “Heineken Silver is all about ditching bitterness, so seeing how Deadpool and Wolverine could potentially do the same in a spot made for an exciting storytelling opportunity.”


Ideation and Creation by MAXIMUM EFFORT Produced by LOON PRODUCTIONS Directed by BRYAN ROWLAND

CMO Heineken® USA: Jonnie Cahill
VP Heineken® USA Brand: Borja Salinas Manso
Senior Director Heineken® USA Brand: Tonia Mancino
Senior Manager Heineken® USA Brand: Joe Conti
Sr. Director Global Heineken® Brand: Nabil Nasser
Heineken® Global Strategy & Communication Director: Daniela Iebba Heineken® Global Communications Manager: Guilherme De Marchi Retz

Global CEO Global, CCO Publicis Worldwide: Bruno Bertelli CCO: Mihnea Gheorghiu
Business Director: Francesca Baldrighi

Group Creative Directors: Sapna Ahluwalia & Yohan Daver Associate Creative Directors: Greg Bruce & Jack Graham

EVP, Partnerships, Promotions, Synergy & Events: Lylle Breier
VP, Partnership Management & Operations: Holly Frank
VP, Marketing Partnerships & Promotions: Tina Goss
VP, Marketing Partnerships: Ty Ervin
Director, Creative Marketing Partnerships: Andrew Staub Writer/Producer, Creative Marketing Partnerships: Evan Aronson Director, Creative Marketing Partnerships: A.J. Fierro
Director Marketing Partnerships & Promotions: Emily Henley
Senior Manager, Marketing Partnerships & Promotions: Victor Farfan


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