DDB Mudra Group Launches E-Book Revealing Shifts in 2021 Consumer Trends

    The e-book examines shifts over an 8 month period.

    By Harold Henry - Jan 12, 2021
    DDB Mudra Group Launches E-Book Revealing Shifts in 2021 Consumer Trends

    DDB Mudra Group has released ‘Point of New’, an e-book comprising a collection of essays that examine lasting shifts in consumer behavior, brought on by the pandemic. Using the Group’s Signbanking process, over 600 Covid specific small signs of social change were aggregated over the course of 8 months. Authored by the Group’s strategy team, the 15 essays aim to act as a guide to shape decisions for the new world.

    The e-book aims to showcase the impact of new rituals in a post-Covid world on people, businesses, and society at large. The essays discuss the new rules of the new world modeled on themes that keep the wheel of life in motion such as Being, Identity, Consuming, and Parenting amongst others.

    The research began by studying people’s lifestyles and daily routines in their natural environment without intrusion. The goal of the anthropological approach to understanding consumer behavior as it plays out in day-to-day lives is to predict larger cultural and behavioral shifts.

    “The pandemic has forced us to consider a new and hopefully a better tomorrow,” said Amit Kekre, National Strategy Head, DDB Mudra Group, elaborating on the why behind the book.

    “Just how much better this new world will be, depends on how we construct it. It depends on the choices we make on our path to the new. While a lot has been said about the pandemic from a quantitative point of view, ‘Point of New’ goes a step further. The essays contemplate what aspects of the new world could be truly meaningful and which might need us to exercise caution as brand and business owners.”

    The e-book can be downloaded free of charge here.

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