DDB Group Hong Kong Launches Branch of Gaming Agency FTW

Image credit: Stem List, Unsplash

DDB Group Hong Kong has launched a local branch of DDB’s global gaming agency, FTW, to provide local and regional gaming solutions for clients, as well as marketing and advertising support for gaming brands.

DDB Group Hong Kong has secured an exclusive partnership arrangement with industry stakeholders, Esports Association Hong Kong and CGA Entertainment Limited. ESAHK is a non-profit that works to support the development of the industry and CGA Entertainment Limited is an esports event organizer in Hong Kong and Taiwan. The 3-way partnership is secured by an MOU agreement.

Together, DDB FTW, ESAHK, and CGA will work to jointly develop, promote and popularise the esports culture in Hong Kong and the wider region. The vertically integrated alliance brings together the agency’s strategic and creative excellence with category insight and operational know-how, as well as access to each other’s communities.


“This strategic partnership will be hugely beneficial to the industry and our large and growing community of gamers in this part of the world,” said Eddie Chen, President of Esports Association Hong Kong.

“We believe it will bring a level of sophistication to the gaming environment and help solidify this landscape as a major hub of connectivity in peoples’ lives – a place to connect with people as well as brands.”

DDB Group Hong Kong hopes to also bring many of its consumer-focused clients to the gaming party. DDB FTW will be part of DDB Group Hong Kong and run by the group’s Chief Business Officer, Leo Tsui, Group Account Director, Felix Fong, and Group Strategy Director, Adrian Tso.

“We are very proud to be the first dedicated gaming creative agency in this part of the world,” said Andreas Krasser, CEO of DDB Group Hong Kong. “With the help of our new partners, we hope to bring fresh opportunities to both the world of esports and the world of marketing. I am already extremely excited about the creative potential in this space.”


DDB FTW was launched by DDB Worldwide out of Prague last November.

“We are very much looking forward to working with our new partners and believe our united efforts can really help to elevate the gaming experience for people,” said Ryan Chow, CEO of CGA Entertainment Limited.


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