2022 LIA Chinese Creativity Show Winners Announced – DDB China Named Creative Agency of the Year

Mountains Brand Marketing & Consultancy was named Independent Agency of The Year.

London International Awards (LIA), founded in 1986, is one of the top five international creative awards for creativity. In 2017, LIA established the Chinese Creativity Show. The Show recognizes world-class advertising ideas conceived, written, produced and released into the marketplace in one of the world’s most prominent languages – Chinese. It has become the global benchmark for Chinese creativity.

The judging is over. The Winners are announced.

This week, LIA Chinese Creativity, the only global Award Show that celebrates the very best of Chinese-language creativity, announced its Winners.


The entries, in their original language Chinese, were judged by the highest-caliber panels of the world’s top Chinese-speaking creatives. Jurors from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, Japan and the United States well-versed in Chinese creativity spent countless hours reviewing and discussing all the entries and, in the end, selecting the work that will take home the coveted red LIA Statue; Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Wilson Ang, Executive Creative Director at Wunderman Thompson, Hong Kong and Chinese Creativity Juror for Social Media & Influencers stated “I was honoured to have judged the first LIA Chinese Creativity in 2017. Over the past 6 years, it’s great to see how the entries have been setting new standards year by year, and how the award is recognised as a true record of Chinese creativity today. Some of them are bizarre, some are more corporate, but the one thing about pretty much every piece of work is the cultural resonance. Unfortunately, this has forced the judges to be a lot more demanding.”

Based on the judging criteria and requirements of London International Awards, creativity, along with originality is the main judging criteria. The awards are judged on the relevance of the brand, as well as, the execution and completion of the work. In addition, the entries were judged according to the professional criteria of the specific category in which they were submitted.

After sixteen days of online preliminary judging, with every juror seeing every piece of work in their respective category, the jurors went on to the final judging. Each jury, along with their President, convened virtually to discuss and debate thoroughly before deciding on the Winners. This ensures that all the entries in twelve categories were judged equally through careful deliberations and robust discussions.


Natalie Lam, Chief Creative Officer at Publicis Groupe APAC & MEA, Hong Kong and Chinese Creativity Digital Jury President commented, “There is no “one size fits all” way to look at Chinese creativity, as the culture is so deep and diverse. On top of that, the digital landscape changes at breakneck speed. As a jury we were happy to see some interesting pieces of work that address deep cultural beliefs/pride/ challenges with modern, “digital” solutions; the winners reflect that. At the same time, we were also a very tough jury knowing how important and real “digital” is in the markets and our daily lives, so we look forward to even more great work next year!”

LIA Chinese Creativity Show’s Annual judging has concluded and listed below are the 2022 Statue Winners and Finalists – two Gold, 14 Silver and 24 Bronze Statues were awarded, as well as, the coveted black statues awarded for Chinese Creativity Agency of the Year and Chinese Creativity Independent Agency of the Year.

DDB China led the points tally achieving LIA Chinese Creativity Agency of the Year. They attained this honor by winning three statues, one Gold, one Silver and a Bronze.

  • Gold in Integration – Foods for Skittles titled “Acronym the Rainbow, Taste the Rainbow”
  • Silver in Social Media & Influencers – Application of Video Platform for Skittles titled “Acronym the Rainbow, Taste the Rainbow”
  • Bronze in Social Media & Influencers – Foods for Skittles titled “Acronym the Rainbow, Taste the Rainbow”

Awing Chen, Executive Creative Director, DDB Shanghai & Guangzhou: “In the most routine and uninteresting days, Skittles’ ads will take you away from reality for a brief moment of joy. In a world of absurdity and dysfunction, Skittles is a sobering, soul-searching message that will catch you off guard and make you smile. From the team to the client, we experienced the ultimate emotional release on our journey to find Skittles’ creativity. Everyone was caught up in the humor of the five colors and five flavors of Skittles and couldn’t help themselves. That’s the best reward and payback for creativity.”

Richard Yu, Greater China Chief Creative Officer at ADK Taipei and Chinese Creativity Evolution / Integration Juror commented, “It is a great honor to serve as a judge for LIA Chinese Creativity Show, the only global award that awards the work completely judged in original Chinese-language. We had a very free and sufficient discussion and interaction during the judging, to make the most outstanding Chinese creative works shine. It is a very pleasant and valuable judging experience. Since the number of Statues awarded was extremely limited, the competition for entries this year is very fierce, the winners are pure gold. Among the winners, I’m crazy about the work called “Acronym the Rainbow Taste the Rainbow”, the only gold awarded piece in the Integration category, it’s a very breakthrough and impressive brilliant piece. From the start, a very simple and fascinating idea breaks through under the restrictions of a specific media environment, to engage the attention and go viral on social community, every touch point is closely linked with the core concept/brand, demonstrating that the campaign amplified its effectiveness and strength successfully through the excellent creative integration.”

Mountains Brand Marketing & Consultancy, Shanghai won three coveted red Statues; one Gold, one Silver and one Bronze. Points from these wins attributed to them being named LIA Chinese Creativity Independent Agency of the Year.

  • Gold in Creative Use of Marketing Effectiveness – Corporate Image for P&G titled “Resume from the Past”
  • Silver in Evolution – Brand Action for Bookseller JD, Retrieves Unread Books
  • Bronze in TV/Cinema/Online Film – Entertainment for Bilibili titled “Set Off Fireworks”

Sun Tao, Mountains Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer stated, “In the first year of Mountains’ existence, we are honored to receive the precious honor of “Black Angel” for the London International Awards Chinese Creativity Show. We always believe that a good strategy can help a brand grow, and a good idea can change something in this imperfect world. We are honored to walk together with excellent partners from different companies in this era, and use the power of creativity to change those prejudiced views, wrong behaviors and shallow perceptions. We work hard and hope to make this world a better one!”

Additional Winners (in alphabetical order):

180 Digital Inc.

  • Bronze in Production & Post-Production – Music Original – Lyrics for McDonald’s titled “The Song of Crunchy”


  • Silver in Out-of-Home – Beverages for Bomy titled “The Freshest Candidate”
  • Silver in Creative Use of Marketing Effectiveness – Low Budget for PChome 24h Shopping titled “Love at First Stray”

Cheil PengTai Beijing

  • Bronze in Design – Gaming for Samsung titled “Quest for Dyslexia”
  • Bronze in Digital – Gaming for Samsung titled “Quest for Dyslexia”

Dans Digital

  • Bronze in Production & Post-Production – Visual Effects for Citymark Centre


  • Silver in Production & Post-Production – Film Director for Sinyi Realty titled “In Love We Trust series”
  • Silver in TV/Cinema/Online Film – Corporate Image for Sinyi Realty titled “In Love We Trust series”
  • Bronze in Branded Entertainment – Online Content for Sinyi Realty titled “In Love We Trust 2”

Havas Group China

  • Bronze in TV/Cinema/Online Film – Electronic Equipment for Honor titled “Look in the Eyes to Kill”

Humanoid Social Media Consulting Ltd.

  • Bronze in Evolution – Media Innovation for Mintverse

KARMA Advertising Co.,LTD

  • Bronze in Production & Post-Production – CGI Animation for Vivo titled “Vivo X80 New Product Launch Campaign”
  • Bronze in TV/Cinema/Online Film – Electronic Equipment for Motorola titled “Motorola 1990 Campaign”

Leo Burnett Taiwan

  • Silver in Design – Innovative Use of Design: for Lay’s titled “Lay’s Fortune Telling Chips”
  • Bronze in Digital – Foods for Lay’s titled “Lay’s Fortune Telling Chips”
  • Bronze in Digital – UX – User Experience for Lay’s titled “Lay’s Fortune Telling Chips”
  • Bronze in Social Media & Influencers – Automotive for Mercedes-Benz titled “Epic Love”

Ogilvy Taiwan

  • Silver in Design – Brochure/Catalogues for IKEA titled “Dollar Catalogue”
  • Silver in Social Media & Influencers – Public Service/Social Responsibility for Want Show Laundry titled “REmemory”
  • Bronze in TV/Cinema/Online Film – Beverages for Off Coffee titled “Black Hole”


  • Silver in TV/Cinema/Online Film – Public Service/Social Responsibility for Tik Tok titled “Say Cheese”

QM Shanghai

  • Bronze in Integration – Retail for McDelivery titled “Burger Box & Happy Cat”

Shanghai Heiwenheier Advertising Co., Ltd

  • Silver in Creative Use of Marketing Effectiveness – Public Service/Social Responsibility for Tmall titled “One-Shoe Project”
  • Silver in Design – Product Design for Tmall titled “One-Shoe Project”

Shanghai SG Advertising Co.,LTD

  • Bronze in TV/Cinema/Online Film – Retail for Meituan Waimai titled “2022 Mother’s Day Creative Campaign of Meituan Waimai Flower Business”

Shanghai Tian Yu Kong Advertising Agency

  • Bronze in Creative Use of Marketing Effectiveness – Confections/Snacks for OREO titled “Love cannot be parted, just like Oreo – Children’s Day Emotion Campaign”
  • Bronze in Integration – Business-to-Business for ELE.ME titled “A Cut-Up Love Poem to Shanghai”
  • Bronze in Out-of-Home – Business-to-Business for ELE.ME titled “A Cut-Up Love Poem to Shanghai”
  • Bronze in Posters – Art Direction for Tmall titled “Juhuasuan Hot Sale 8:30”

Shanghai Xia Yi Culture Communication Co. Ltd.

  • Bronze in Branded Entertainment – Experiential/Live Events for HengYuanXiang titled “The Everlasting Olympic Winter Games Flowers”

The Nine Shanghai

  • Bronze in Digital – Sports for Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games titled “The Bloom”


  • Silver in Production & Post-Production – Cinematography for LandRover titled “GOAT”

United Communications Group-United Advertising

  • Bronze in Print – Public Service/Social Responsibility for Chia-Yi Christian Hospital titled “Caught in a Jam. Call for a Hand.”

W Wilddog Co Limited

  • Silver in Branded Entertainment – Online Content for Meituan titled “A City, Taking Care of Somebody for Me”

Wendy Chan, Chief Creative Officer at Edelman China, Shanghai and Chinese Creativity Social Media & Influencers Jury President commented, “The work in the Social Media & Influencer category is getting more and more mature. There is a lot of good work for us to discuss. ‘REmemory’ is a very surprising case for us. The forgotten clothes of a laundry shop become part of nostalgia therapy to those who are suffering from Alzheimers. For Skittles, to connect with GenZ, instead of showing a GenZ voice out their attitude on a skate board, they choose to play with them by using their language. Through resonance, interaction, and having a meaningful role to the society, the above two cases undoubtedly have creative light and bring earned media. Hope next year we will see a Gold!”

The 2023 London International Awards Chinese Creativity Show will start on April 1, 2023. For more details, please visit the official website here.

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