Dat Bike Highlights Every Outlet as a Fast Charging Station in New Campaign

Happiness Saigon and Dat Bike created custom billboards showing regular outlets as places where people can conveniently charge up.

According to a new campaign from Dat Bike in Vietnam, many people are still skeptical about electrical vehicles with one of the main perceptions being a lack of charging stations.

In hopes of changing this, electric bike company Dat Bike partnered with creative consultancy agency Happiness Saigon to launch a creative campaign around Ho Chi Minh City. Since the brand’s e-bike can be fast charged in any regular outlet, they created a guerilla campaign to claim every outlet as a Dat Bike fast charging station.

Dat Bike, a Made-In-Vietnam E-bike company, has always sought to change the public’s misconceptions about e-bikes. To demonstrate how Dat Bike can be fast charged in any electrical outlet, Happiness Saigon and Dat Bike created custom billboards to highlight regular outlets as Dat Bike fast charging stations.


The colorful orange billboards turned office buildings, shopping malls, cafés, and more into Dat Bike’s own personal charging network.

Image via Happiness Saigon

“Instead of racing to invest time, energy and technology into expensive fast charging stations, we put our effort into creating a superior product that can charge quickly from any household power outlet”, said Andrzej Bialasewicz, Marketing Director at Dat Bike.

Image via Happiness Saigon


Image via Happiness Saigon

“By turning outlets into a new medium, we hope that every time you see one, you think: charging station. We aspire to turn a simple household object into a piece of branding”, said Jazz Tonna, Creative Director at Happiness Saigon.

Image via Happiness Saigon

In a later stage, the agency set off a guerrilla campaign with branded stickers to claim every outlet that was left.

Image via Happiness Saigon

According to Happiness Saigon, thanks to the custom billboards, the small business plaques, and guerrilla stickers, there is Dat Bike fast charging coverage all across Ho Chi Minh City.

They added that besides the orange signs popping up everywhere, the campaign sparked 2.100+ online discussions and 27,000 online engagements.

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