Darlie Malaysia Draws The Curtains on #Semangattogether 2022 by Bringing Malaysian Attractions Back to Life

Semangat Cuti-Cuti is the fourth and final instalment of the year-long campaign created by FCB SHOUT to help Malaysia build back better.


Darlie Malaysia



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Darlie Malaysia – together with its creative agency, FCB SHOUT – kick-started #SemangatTogether back in April 2022. Developed to inspire Malaysians to come together and help the nation build back what was lost after pandemic, #SemangatTogether has so far seen music, art, and food as central themes that helped lift the spirits of the people all over the country.

For the fourth and final instalment of the project, Darlie presents Semangat Cuti-Cuti (Vacations), which follows the adventures of local celebrity Alif Satar as he explores all of his favourite travel spots in Malaysia.

Beyond just spotlighting the hidden gems of the country, Alif also enlists the help of his friends – influencers Lee Xuan, Harith Zazman and Siti Hawa – to rally Malaysians to visit as many travel attractions around the country as possible and do their part in protecting these places, which have suffered from the absence of visitors throughout the pandemic, from being gone for good.


To encourage Malaysians to be part of the campaign and display their #SemangatTogether spirit, Darlie has collaborated with Klook to give away 30% Klook Cuti-Cuti travel vouchers and 15% off on selected hotels nationwide to Darlie purchasers between October and December 2022.

Ian Chew, the General Manager of Darlie Malaysia, said, “Many Malaysians, including myself, are unaware that Malaysia is home to so many amazing attractions. This campaign really opened our eyes to the beauty of these remarkable places and more importantly, how badly they have been affected by the pandemic. Having been deprived of visitors and tourists for over 2 years means many of these spots are barely keeping their doors open, and if we don’t come together as Malaysians to help protect these places from being lost, who will? I’m very happy that Darlie Malaysia is taking the initiative to help these attractions not only stay open, but also thrive.”


“Semangat Cuti-Cuti is such a fitting end for this year’s chapter of #SemangatTogether. As our lives gradually return to normalcy and we begin looking forward to the holiday seasons with our loved ones, let’s do what we can for the many fantastic destinations that we have right here in our own backyard,“ said Ong Shi Ping, the Co-Owner and Chief Creative Officer of FCB SHOUT, which has been Darlie Malaysia’s creative agency and partner since 2019.

The Semangat Cuti-Cuti film was launched on 14 Nov 2022.




Title: Semangat Cuti-Cuti

Hawley & Hazel Malaysia
General Manager: Ian Chew
Marketing Director: Melissa Wong
Senior Brand Manager: Adeline Cheah

Co-owner & Chief Executive Officer: Shaun Tay
Co-owner & Chief Creative Officer: Ong Shi Ping
Head of Creative: Tjer
Associate Creative Directors: Suah Boon Chuan, James Voon, Jonathan Chan
Senior Designer: Yee Min Jian
Malay Writer: Sal Abdul Malik
Senior Brand Director: Diana Chua
Associate Brand Director: Kong Pooi Ling
Senior Producer: Cheong Wai Leng

Production House: Restless Productions
Film Director: Zac Chia
DOP: Jefferey
Executive Producer: Terrance Chua
Producers: Shito & Sam Chee
Offline Editor: NGSS
Colorist: Hafizil

Music Composition & Sound Design: GTRecords
Composer: Jinx
Sound Engineer: Brian Wong

Starring: Alif Satar, Lee Xuan, Harith Zazman & Siti Hawa

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The Staff

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