Brand Element Design: Custard Mooncakes by Kok Kit Lo, Hong Kong

With Chinese New Year approaching, celebratory foods such as mooncake will be making the rounds on tables around the world.

Kee Wah bakery in Hong Kong wanted to add their custard twist to the original while at the same time reaching out to the younger generations to carry on the tradition.

“Custard Mooncakes had become a quite popular pastry in Hong Kong,” said Ko Kit Lo, the designer behind the new packaging. “This Custard Mooncake was designed to target younger customers. The client wanted a quite minimalistic design, something that looked contemporary.”


Concept sketches

Design Consultant: Kok Kit Lo
Client: Kee Wah Bakery
Location: Hong Kong
Packaging Contents: Custard Mooncake
Packaging Materials: Cardboard
Printing Process: Hot Stamping, UV Varnish, Metallic Pantone


Diana Gadong

Diana Gadong

Diana is a staff writer based out of Manila.

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