Viral Film Takes Unique Approach to Highlighting the Cruelty of Bullfighting

Advertising agency, BETC Paris, has released a clever public awareness campaign for FLAC Anticorrida about the cruelty of bullfighting by instead showing a matador fighting a velociraptor.

Yeah. Didn’t see that coming right?

In the midst of the French Presidential election, the FLAC (Federation of Leagues Against Corridas) and its 14 partner associations are trying to get draw attention of candidates through the film as most politicians have avoided taking a position on the matter.


There is also a petition that has been launched with the ultimate goal of making bullfighting illegal in France.

“Despite the fact that animal cruelty is illegal in France and that a recent poll has shown that 7 out of 10 French people are in favor of banning bullfighting, French law still makes an exception for the public killing of bulls when they are part of a longstanding local tradition,” FLAC said in a release.

Link to the petition is here.



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