Cristiano Ronaldo Heads Nielsen’s Most Influential Players on Instagram

According to Nielsen, Ronaldo increased his Instagram following in the past year with around 47% follower growth.
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According to new insights from Nielsen InfluenceScope, Cristiano Ronaldo leads the list of the most influential players on Instagram who are expected to play at FIFA World Cup 2022. Ronaldo comes in ahead of Argentina’s Lionel Messi, Brazil’s Neymar, and France’s Kylian Mbappé. Rankings are based on Nielsen’s influencer measurement tool, InfluenceScope which evaluates total followers, follower growth, engagement rate, and average brand value per post on Instagram to determine which players provide the most Social Media Value for the fee required.

Ronaldo’s value clocks in at over $3.5 million followed by Messi at $2.6 million according to the findings.

Instagram’s 10 most influential footballers

Nielsen’s research methodology includes a range of performance and sponsorship-related key performance indicators (KPI) including social following, content engagement, fan base growth, and equivalent media value of branded content published by each player.


Breakthrough players: this year’s top movers (Aug. 2021 – July 2022)

In this case, leveraging the flexibility of InfluenceScope, more weight was given to the growth in following and performance over the past year than to more static KPIs.


Social popularity of national teams

InfluenceScope’s methodology can be applied to any type of profile that is capable of exerting an influence online These are the most popular national teams participating at FIFA World Cup 2022™.

Most Influential players in Korea and Japan

From Asia, Nielsen additionally released a ranking of the most popular players from SOuth Korea and Japan.

The lists were topped by Son Heung Min from South Korea and Takumi Minamino from Japan.

You can visit Nielsen’s FIFA World Cup 2022: the essential data hub for more insights.

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