Cricket Legend MS Dhoni Meets His Future Self in Gulf Spot

    Some things change and some things stay the same.

    By Asia Ad Junkie - Apr 5, 2021
    Cricket Legend MS Dhoni Meets His Future Self in Gulf Spot

    Gulf Oil Lubricants India Ltd., has launched a new campaign #GulfDhonixDhoni featuring cricket legend MS Dhoni in a conversation with his younger self.

    The conversation leads from crickets to motorbikes and the younger (or is it older?) Dhoni is shocked that his motorbike still has a spot in the garage. He finds out quickly that while some things change (like becoming a cricket legend) some things stay the same.

    Thanks to Gulf Oil the old reliable bike still runs like a dream. The campaign was strategically released on the 10th Anniversary of India’s 2011 World Cup Victory, one of the greatest sporting moments for Indian and Dhoni cricket fans.


    “Great brands should tell great stories. And with Dhoni, we had an engaging story that we could tell the world while building on the brand’s promise of consistent performance,” said Rahul Mathew, Chief Creative Officer, DDB Mudra Group.



    “I am delighted to be associated with a brand like Gulf Oil that is driven by passion to move forward. As an avid biker myself, I can very well connect with the brand’s proposition and product offerings,” added Dhoni.

    “This campaign makes me nostalgic as I revisit my favourite cricketing moments including the winning shot at the 2011 World Cup Finals. It gave me a feel of how it would be to meet my younger self, what we would talk about and what I would advise him if we met.”

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