Cresta Awards 2022 Extends Deadline to August 2nd

The Cresta Awards, the global award for excellence in creative standards, has announced that it has extended its final deadline for the 2022 competition until 2 August.

“We have had even more requests than usual to allow a little extra time this year for finalizing entries. It would be churlish to refuse!” said Cresta CEO Lewis Blackwell.

He added that some entrants needed more time because they wanted to “take two bites at getting their entries in”, returning to top up their sets of entries having held back from full commitment earlier. “People realise they still want their best work to get seen and talked about. We haven’t seen much of this two-stage behavior before but this year it seems to be  a sign of entrants thinking harder on how and why they should take part, despite some of the economic uncertainties we have seen over the past year.”


The 2022 Jury Chair, Ali Rez, CCO of BBDO MENAP, has said that he sees awards participation as a vital part of the creative process. “Every year, the standard gets slightly higher. Taking part in awards disciplines you to really put your heart into your work.”

This year’s Cresta Awards has extended and streamlined its categories, aiming to better recognize both core skills and developing areas.  “We want to “focus on the ideas, craft and innovation that really marks out creative achievement and makes this such a vital industry,” added Blackwell. “Creative standards gave us our name, is in our DNA, and we are simply committed to celebrating and spreading awareness about what constitutes the best work.”

The 2022 deadline now closes at midnight GMT on 2 August. Shortlists are released from mid-September and winners are announced later in September.

For more information or images, contact [email protected] or visit them on the web here.

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