Crest Campaign for National Dental Care Day Celebrates Living Everyday With a Smile

“The brand draws insights from real-life matters and illustrates the relationship between being born with smiles and being encouraged to smile.”


Crest China


Grey Hong Kong

Crest has launched a new campaign film in collaboration with Grey Hong Kong in line with ‘920 ‘national dental-care day’ under the brand platform “Great Crest Protection, Greater Smiles!” The film advocates that daily dental protection is the key to healthier teeth.

The film shows three families of different backgrounds and ages to demonstrate how Crest is part of their healthy yet ordinary day-to-day lives.

It features a young family of three, a couple, and a family of three generations, each bringing to life the belief that we are all born with beautiful smiles, but the confidence to smile needs to be encouraged. Just like taking care of your teeth, the film focuses on the smaller and sensitive details such as your partner helping to squeeze toothpaste for you, and a little girl trying to brush her teeth like her father even though she’s too short for the sink. The film speaks to the sentiment and moments of caring for one another.


Through a series of activations, the brand partnered with Local Chinese channel CCTV and hosted an open class on public awareness of oral health,  said, Grey, adding that the film was also distributed on digital platforms such as Weibo and TikTok, reshaping Crest’s brand image to “all-around oral protection”.

Joe Yue, Creative Partner, GREY Hong Kong said: “I love Crest’s new brand proposition. The brand draws insights from real-life matters and illustrates the relationship between being born with smiles and being encouraged to smile. Crest also provides the right emotional value for its target consumer group. Because of better dental protection, we can have the confidence to smile, breaking through traditional barriers through strong brand empathy.”

Shannon Li, Vice President of Oral Health, Greater China, P&G China, added: “Consumers’ oral health awareness and practices are improving. This year, Crest is furthering this movement by introducing a new line of products for dental care with the aim of bringing more protection and more smiles.”



Agency: Grey Hong Kong
Duffy Lau, General Manager
Joe Yue, Creative Partner
Owen Smith, Chief Strategy Officer
Ted Tam, Account Director
Fred Yeung, Account Manager
Bobby Chiu, Creative Director
Mia Gao, Associate Creative Director
Ann Lo, Associate Creative Director
John Lo, Head of Content Production

Client: Procter & Gamble China
Shannon Li, Vice President
XiaoYuan Fang, Brand Director
Roger Luo, Senior Brand Manager

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