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Big data was used to create 50 themed routes that connect different parts of the island via the most beautiful roads on Jeju Island in South Korea.


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March 2021


South Korea

Campaign Background

Slow Road is a detour map that takes tourists along the most scenic route, instead of the fastest. Big data was used to create 50 themed routes that connect different parts of the island via the most beautiful roads.

Slow Road introduced people to new spots worth visiting, supported the local economy and directed travelers to alternative attractions rather than the obvious spots, all using an app that they already have on their phones.

The Work

Deeper Dive

Cheil Worldwide

Each route offers five to eleven waypoints to offer a wide selection of scenic routes to appeal to different demographics throughout the changing seasons, including the added benefit of reducing traffic congestion on main routes around the island.

Once arriving in Jeju Island and activating T Map, the most widely used mobile navigation app in South Korea, travelers are directly led to a dedicated Slow Road page where they can explore various routes under different themes. Simply choose a favorite route, then the app will automatically give directions through multiple waypoints.

“We developed Slow Road campaign to raise awareness about the diverse beauty of Jeju Island, and to help safe travels by guiding travelers to different parts of the island while dispersing tourist population that were usually concentrated in only a few famous attractions,” said Eun-Sook Koh, President & CEO, Jeju Tourism Organization.

“Since a large portion of the local economy relies on tourism, we hope this campaign will also help balance development between regions by broadening tourist attractions.”


Campaign Credits

Client: Jeju Tourism Organization
Campaign Title: Slow Road
Creative Agency: Cheil Worldwide
Creative Directors: Seontaeck Kim, Joohee Lee
Copywriters: Hyewon Hyun, Jeongsil Lee
Account Executives: Choongok Lee, Jeehee Yang, Hyeonmun Kim
PR Manager: Donghan Kim
Film Director: Churl Gwon / THE SHOT
Director of Photography: Inkyu Lee / THE SHOT
Developer: Bokyeom Kim / T Map Mobility
Service Planner: Yonghun Kim, Serin Son / T Map Mobility
Product Manager: Hyojeong Jang
UX Designer: Sooyeon Baek
Big Data Analyst: Keeduk Kim / BOXTREE

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