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A brand transformation exercise with Landor to reflect a broadened range of offerings and to better connect with newer sensibilities of wellness.


R3SET (Venus Remedies)



Campaign Date

December, 2023



Campaign Background

R3set, is an Indian pain-relief brand whose products are rooted in science and enriched by natural ingredients. They had an ambition to expand beyond pain and branch out into the categories of wellness, nutrition, etc.

While the world has become more attuned to holistic wellness, the category remains very cluttered and tends to overwhelm consumers. R3set seized the opportunity to be simple and approachable in the sea of jargon out there.

It then opted for a brand transformation exercise with Landor to reflect its broadened range of offerings and better connect with newer sensibilities of wellness. The aim was to make R3set feel like a breath of fresh air for all its consumers.

The Work

Deeper Dive


What market insights drove the creative inspiration behind the rebranding?

In recent times, we have seen that wellness brands are the new thing. And when these brands choose to position themselves in the market, they take one of two approaches – the scientific route of formulae and chemicals, or the natural route of ingredients and organic goodness. But no brands talk about the joy of self-care.

The Indian pain relief and wellness brand, R3set, powered by 100% natural ingredients coupled with nanotechnology, wished to change this, and approached us. We understood that the consumers’ idea of wellness was not soothing ingredients, but in what these ingredients enable them to feel. The brand needed to become not an ingredient champion, but a feeling champion!

How did branding evolve creatively?

Using the insight we created the brand idea ‘Dose of Goodness’. With ‘dose’ signaling the power of technology and ‘good’ hinting at healing and the feeling, the base for a fresh and balanced design strategy was formed.

We started with infusing goodness in the identity by simplifying it and using a leaf nestled in the ‘r’ of the ‘R3set’ wordmark – a natural, primal indicator of growth. The ‘3’ within the wordmark represents the three objectives the brand intends to achieve through its diverse product range – relief, revive & restore.

We created ‘Goodness shapes’ as an asset of the brand language, with each shape inspired by little doses of goodness we find in the world around us – elements, flora, fauna, and nature at large.We picked a primary colour palette as alive with goodness as how we wanted consumers to feel.

Shades of deep evergreen and fresh mint cues longevity and freshness, alongside a compassionate white that brings clarity.

The secondary colours were picked from soothing natural experiences found around us – a sunrise orange, a soft lilac, a blooming pink, an ocean blue, and a leaf green.

The language was extended further into Illustrations, through which a “goodness community” was created, with people from this community representing moments of ease, joy, rest. To create these, we went back to what consumers had told us feeling good was like (“a siesta on a hammock”, “the feeling of rain”, “the joy of moving freely”), and we recreated exactly those experiences using ownable hand-drawn brush strokes. This approachable yet contemporary style became essential in transforming how the brand would be perceived.

“The feel-good persona we picked was of an all-time friend, someone who is fit to be it all – a pep-talk expert, a speed-dial favorite, a cheerleader and a go-to for advice.”

To bring this idea to light, due importance was given to brand voice. The feel-good persona we picked was of an all-time friend, someone who is fit to be it all – a pep-talk expert, a speed-dial favorite, a cheerleader and a go-to for advice. With this voice, the brand became a positive, human, and encouraging motivator, stepping away from the prescriptive, distant, and functional tone taken up by a lot of other wellness players.

The brand language we put together shows what goodness feels like across various assets and touchpoints and paints the picture of a world where this goodness is constantly flourishing!

Tell us about some of the challenges putting the rebranding together for launch.

The challenge while rebranding R3set was to focus on a larger brand narrative that connects with new and existing consumers. While ingredients and formulations were essential to R3set, we brought a fresh and approachable idea of joy to the brand. We ensured the new visual language focused on the ritual of self-care while balancing the features of the products as well.

What were the results in terms of KPIs?

Following the rebranding exercise, the website has experienced a notable surge in monthly traffic. Concurrently, the social media platforms affiliated with the brand have witnessed a substantial increase in impressions and followers.

These developments underscore a significant enhancement in the brand’s online presence, reflecting heightened interest, engagement, and reach within its target audience demographic.

Campaign Credits

Executive Creative Director:Kurnal Rawat
General Manager: Ritu Nakra
Senior Client Manager: Sanya Arora
Design Director: Akrutee Mahimkar
Designer: Jhanvi Lathia, Simran Chopra, Tanishtha Pai
Motion Designer: Arsh Kazi
Illustrations: Locopopo

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