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Being a champion of exploration allowed Landor to extend beyond traditional meat delivery merchandise and into the world of cooking.


Japfa Best



Campaign Date

September, 2023



Campaign Background

Japfa Best, a leading supplier of meat products in the B2B sector across Southeast Asia, observed the surging popularity of online meat delivery services in India.

Noticing that consumers in both major urban centers and secondary cities were willing to pay a premium for the convenience of doorstep delivery of fresh meat, Japfa Best decided to take the direct-to-consumer approach.

In pursuit of this strategic shift, Japfa Best collaborated with Landor to undergo a comprehensive brand transformation. The aim was to reposition the brand as more approachable and consumer-friendly within the category.

The Work

Deeper Dive


What market insights drove the creative inspiration behind the rebranding?

In a landscape crowded with enough meat delivery brands, the branding codes seemed anything but fresh. Quality this, freshness that – these were mere table stakes defining the category.

Japfa Best aimed to distinguish itself as a welcoming and amiable brand within the often cold and clinical category, striving to move beyond the conventional emphasis on product attributes alone.

So instead of focusing on what meat is, Landor chose to focus on broader possibilities and outcomes of cooking meat.

How did branding evolve creatively?

The big idea Landor conjured up for Japfa Best – Freshness Meats Creativity!

An approach that champions not convenience, but imagination. Not ingredients, but outcomes. Not preparation, but exploration. And shifts the conversation from meat-cooking to meal-loving.

With this identity, Japfa was ready to break the “high-quality meat brand” clutter and instead be seen as a dependable sous chef, championing consumers’ creative urge for ingredient & food exploration in the kitchen.

“Vibrant colors drawn from the culinary spectrum, such as bold reds and tender pinks, were balanced with clean whites, symbolizing a world of delicious possibilities.”

While crafting the visual identity, we celebrated creativity and imagination by utilizing precise shapes reminiscent of fresh meat cuts, playfully arranged to represent poultry, livestock, and fish.

Vibrant colors drawn from the culinary spectrum, such as bold reds and tender pinks, were balanced with clean whites, symbolizing a world of delicious possibilities.

The packaging design featured unique illustrations tailored to each type of meat, offering a tantalizing glimpse of the contents within.


The mobile app was acknowledged as a key touchpoint for consumer interactions, and our spirited language was extended to iconography as well. Even delivery touchpoints like bags, vehicle design, and deliverer uniforms were given a fun-loving, energizing upgrade.

Being a champion of exploration meant we could extend beyond traditional meat delivery merchandise, and into the world of cooking too with fun aprons and vibrant crockery!

We introduced the persona of an Encouraging Friend in the tone of voice, so that consumers feel safe and encouraged to bring out the cooking enthusiast in them.

The identity principles we put in place for Japfa help the new brand stay relevant in the category by being wholesome & titillating while breaking through the noise with a playful, lively, and delicious look and feel!

Tell us about some of the challenges putting the rebranding together for launch.

We had to ensure we were able to balance category codes of freshness and hygiene along with our narrative of “freshness meats creativity”.

This involved working closely with the marketing team to align absolute must-haves of hygiene and freshness. For. Eg. We used white colour as a base for the brand to cue hygiene. And the freshness of meat can be cued best by the meat colour itself, so we ensured that we introduced windows on the pouch packaging.

What were the results in terms of KPIs?

“As the business head overseeing our D2C meat venture, Japfa BEST, in Pune, I’m excited to introduce our newly rebranded identity, meticulously crafted by Landor,” said Shyam S, Associate Vice President, JAPFA.

“This rebranding initiative has enabled us to forge deeper, more personal connections with our valued customers. By infusing warmth and approachability into our new identity, we’ve laid the groundwork for a trusted brand poised for long-term success. While it’s early to gauge its full impact, we’re confident this revitalized persona will resonate profoundly with our audience, fostering enduring relationships and propelling our business forward.”

Campaign Credits

Executive Creative Director: Arnab Ray
Executive Client Director: Ronita Mukerjee
Client Manager: Shoumili Maitra
Design Director: Anushree Kapoor
Senior Designer: Akrutee Mahimkar
Copy writer: Nasir Nawaaz, Aakancha Singh
Motion Graphics: Arsh Kazi
Illustrations: Locopopo

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