Creative Dive: Putting Nreal Air in the Hands of Influencers to Drive Awareness

Eleven International created a full-funnel, integrated marketing campaign to guide consumers from awareness right through to purchasing Nreal Air.




Eleven International

Campaign Date

September 2022


United States

Campaign Background

In September of 2022, Nreal Air augmented reality (AR) glasses launched in the US, offering a consumer-friendly headset that looks just like a pair of sunglasses. Weighing in at only 79 grams, and selling for US$379, the high-tech eyewear is compatible with Android, iOS, MacOS, and virtually every streaming platform and game console on the market.

The problem? AR pioneer Nreal was so early to market, it actually gave the brand more work. With no big-tech heavyweights like Apple or Google readying the mass consumer market already, Nreal had to do all the audience education itself. As Nreal’s long-term strategic communications and marketing partner, Eleven International led the charge.

The Work

Deeper Dive

Eleven International

The Challenge

With the goal of creating a full-funnel, integrated marketing campaign that would guide consumers from awareness right through to purchasing Nreal Air on the brand’s newly-launched Amazon page, Eleven International got to work on the consideration stage of the campaign.

The metaverse has been quite the buzzword in recent years, yet, very few people outside of tech-developer circles  AR as being an actual part of their daily lives.

Our focus was showing consumers why they’d need these AR glasses in their lives, right now (instead of waiting around for Apple’s headset to launch).

The Solution

For consumers to genuinely consider buying a pair of AR glasses, they needed to know what difference they could make in daily life. The mass market audience doesn’t care about the specs; they also don’t want to waste money on a fad that’ll die in a couple of weeks.

“Our focus was showing consumers why they’d need these AR glasses in their lives, right now.”

This early-to-market device would need to be put through its paces, to prove to consumers it’s something they’d easily embrace day to day.

The best way to do that was to enlist the help of online influencers already well-known for their in-depth and honest reviews.

Instead of a strip down or basic unboxing, we doubled down on communicating the everyday use cases of Nreal Air and creating FOMO.

– Love watching movies and TV? How about a 201” screen that fits in your pocket?

– Always on the road for work? Here’s a multi-screen setup that’s smaller than your MacBook.

– Love your Steam Deck, but the in-built screen isn’t cutting it? Nreal Air’s the device for you.

To do this, we let influencers do the talking.

Each influencer had the creative freedom to produce content highly relevant to their audience base. They also got an individual attribution link, so we could track the performance contribution to the overall campaign.

The Result

We lined up 35+ YouTube and Twitter influencer reviews for Nreal Air’s launch, amassing more than 17 million views in total. The overall GTM campaign smashed Nreal’s sales target by 130%, even selling out the first batch of units within nine days, and rocketing Nreal to pole position as the #1 smartphone-connected product on Amazon.

The influencers deserve their share of the glory, as that all-important consideration phase led consumers to Nreal’s Amazon page in droves.

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Eleven International


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