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A collaboration between Chipsmore and Hasbro allowed aspiring young homeowners in Malaysia to dive into the virtual property market and own their own (virtual) homes.


Chipsmore (Mondelez)


Leo Burnett Malaysia


October 2022



Campaign Background

Leo Burnett Malaysia and Chipsmore (the chocolate chip cookie from Mondelēz International) decided to tap into Gen Z’s love-hate relationship with real estate to create something fun – a Monopoly-themed NFT collection called ‘Metapoly’.

Thanks to this collaboration between Chipsmore and Hasbro, aspiring young homeowners could dive into the virtual property market, finally owning their own (virtual) homes.

The Work

Deeper Dive

What market insights drove the creative inspiration behind the campaign?

Chipsmore’s brand purpose is to interrupt the seriousness in the lives of Gen Z Malaysians with fun. So, at a time when property prices were skyrocketing and our audience was joking online about not being able to afford a home, we presented them with a tongue-in-cheek alternative: their ultimate dream homes – but only in the Metaverse.

This leveraged an existing partnership the brand had with Hasbro Monopoly and led to the creation of Chipsmore Metapoly: a reimagining of the 28 property squares around the iconic board game as over-the-top virtual properties.

“Once the concepts were down, each property was designed from scratch, minted as Non-Fungible Tokens, and then listed on OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace. Ready to be bought, sold and eventually uploaded into the Metaverse.”

Each one was made available as NFTs and imbued with cheeky easter eggs and the brand’s over-the-top personality. To win them, audiences needed to purchase Chipsmore and play a digital version of the Monopoly board game to collect points.

The campaign idea made total sense as Malaysia placed within the top 5 countries in the world when it came to NFT ownership rates with approximately 29.3% of Malaysians owning NFTs and 10.5% planning to buy them, taking the forecasted NFT owners to 34.4%.

How did the campaign evolve creatively?

The first step of executing the campaign was also one of the most fun. Each of the classic Monopoly properties was reimagined for Chipsmore. Mayfair, the most expensive property, became Cookie Galaxy. The utility Waterworks became Metaworks. Each of the railways became a different cookie-themed mode of futuristic transportation. And so on.

Once the concepts were down, each property was designed from scratch, minted as Non-Fungible Tokens, and then listed on OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace. Ready to be bought, sold and eventually uploaded into the Metaverse.

What were some of the challenges in putting the campaign together for launch?

CHIPSMORE METAPOLY was the first Metaverse-related campaign for Mondelez International. So, before even producing the campaign’s creative assets, both the agency’s working team and the brand’s legal department worked closely to develop a set of NFT guidelines and best practices from scratch.

This process even sparked the creation of a whole new brand asset for Chipsmore: minion-like chocolate chip characters who would populate each virtual property with their own distinct personalities and storylines.

What were the results in terms of KPIs?

CHIPSMORE METAPOLY was a hit amongst the Gen Zs of Malaysia – garnering over 32,000 sign-ups, which represented 3 times more sign-ups compared to the previous year’s campaign. With over 500 sign-ups a day throughout the campaign period, the participation rate was 5 times higher when benchmarked against other microsite activations across the Mondelez portfolio.

Furthermore, the campaign moved the market needle with the brand gaining 0.5% market share during the campaign period compared to the same period in the previous year, despite the added challenge of new competitors within the category.

Meta’s Brand Lift Study pegged the campaign’s intent for purchase to be 4.8pts – which is 5 times the regional norm of 0.6pts.

Campaign Credits

Agency: Leo Burnett Malaysia
Executive Creative Director: Iska Hashim
Creative Group Head: David HK Tan
Senior Copywriter: Vickknesh Raj
Copywriter: Reyna Gopal, Jing Jie Chang
Designers: Sue Phing, Stephanie Chiew Li, Diyana Yusof
Managing Director: Firzan Mulafer
Group Account Director: Wasim Akram
Account Manager: Meon Lee
Account Executive: Ilyana Azizi
Production Studio: FlyStudio & CueArt
Client: Mondelez International
Brand Manager: Yvonne Lam
Marketing Manager: Mona Shamili, Boon Siew
Head of Marketing: Arpan Sur

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