Creative Dive: Meet the Cleft Choir – Listerine’s Creative Charity Campaign in Thailand

While most fundraising campaigns try to create sympathy through an emotional and upsetting ad showing someone’s current situation, BBDO Bangkok took a different approach to get the public’s attention.




BBDO Bangkok


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December, 2022



Campaign Background

BBDO Bangkok, Listerine, Watsons, and ‘Operation Smile Thailand’ collaborated on a viral music video directed by Thai film director Thay Littichai and composer Boyd Kosiyabong to raise funds for Thai children who are in need of cleft surgery. The campaign gave rise to a new group of talented singers – “The Cleft Choir”.

The Work

Deeper Dive

BBDO Bangkok

Each year, more than 1,000 Thai babies are born with cleft lips and palates. Those who don’t receive proper surgery face a variety of issues, and many develop at a much slower rate. A cleft lip or palate affects your ability not only to speak but also to eat and breathe.

This raises the question, what can they do in society when something as basic as breathing becomes challenging?

Listerine believes that a healthy mouth and breath lead to a healthy life. In order to turn words into action, they decided to team up with BBDO Bangkok, Watsons and ‘Operation Smile Thailand’, a non-profit organization of volunteers that helps cleft children get proper surgery to launch a fundraising campaign that would help at least 50 children with clefts receive a proper operation on by directly donating sales of Listerine from Watsons towards the cause.

While most fundraising campaigns try to create sympathy through an emotional and upsetting ad showing someone’s current situation, BBDO Bangkok took a different approach to get the public’s attention – a more joyful, full-of-life approach, helping Thais see the possibilities that await these kids after they undergo proper cleft lip and palate surgery.

Introducing “The Cleft Choir”, for whom every note of voice and breath truly matters.

After some very difficult rounds of auditions, a final group of children who had already undergone cleft surgery was chosen to form “The Cleft Choir”. From children who had breathing difficulties to kids whose voices today make a whole nation smile.

BBDO Bangkok brought onboard one of the leading music composers in Thailand “Boyd Kosiyabong”, to create a special version of his all-time mega-hit song “You’re my breath”. The music video captures “The Cleft Choir” performing a special version of the song without instruments, using only their voices and their fresh breaths of air.

“It all started with a recruitment ad on TikTok asking Thais to scan the QR code at the end of a video and sing along with the Cleft Choir. We wanted anyone to take part in the music video. We then followed up with KV posters to introduce each choir member,” said Thasorn Boonyanate, Chief Creative Officer, BBDO Bangkok.

“It took us a month of hard work to achieve the final product, working with Thailand’s premier director, Thay Littichai from Unboxnow, and top Director of Photography, Phaklao Jiraungkoonkun, who’s behind several famous Thai films like ‘Bad Genius’ and ‘One for the road’.

This is definitely our most heartfelt campaigns of the year and we’re hoping to help as many kids as possible with this work.”

Campaign Credits

Agency Credit: BBDO Bangkok
Chief Executive Officer: Somkiat Larptanunchaiwong
Chief Creative Officer: Thasorn Boonyanate
Creative Director: Chanikarn Sitthiaree
Senior Art Director: Pattanapond Ketrathon
Senior Copywriter: Worrawan Chailert
Agency Producer: Toungrak Jiravatanarungsri
Group Business Director: Taksina Vasaruchapong
Group Account Director: Mira Komolwanich
Senior Account Executive: Pornchanok Wuttinakorn
Head of Brand and Digital Planning: Prasit Kunanuphanchai
Planner Manager: Praewpakorn Chumsai Na Ayudhaya

Production House Credit: Unboxnow
Director: Thay Littichai
Director of Photography: Phaklao Jiraungkoonkun
Editor: Jinnaphat Thammasan
Producer: Luksawan Kayee
Executive Producer: Arunwan So
Music Production: The flying Tomato Music Co.,Ltd.
Music Composer: Boyd Kosiyabong

Production House Credit: Mellow Tunes Co.,Ltd
Sound Engineer: Arthit Vongmetta, Korawat Sangtaweep, Supavit Kumkoon

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