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The campaign for the Korean National Police Agency aimed to reach out to the hidden victims of domestic violence.


Korean National Police Agency


Cheil Worldwide Seoul

Launch Date

September, 2022


South Korea

Campaign Background

During the pandemic, there was a global surge in reports of domestic violence, except in Korea where they decreased. Data indicated that over 80% of the victims were females, and according to experts’ analysis, these women were unable to report the abuse because they were confined in the same small space with their abusers.

In an environment where it was increasingly difficult to report abuse, ‘Knock Knock’ provided a sustainable solution that enabled predominantly female victims to call for help without using words, thus helping them regain control of a situation they never should have been in.

The Work

Deeper Dive

Cheil Worldwide

The inspiration for the solution created by Cheil Worldwide came from Morse code and led to the development of a system that enables individuals in peril to inform the police without uttering a word.

By dialing 112 and tapping any number twice, a link is sent to them, allowing the police to monitor the situation through the caller’s camera, track their location without the need for an LBS request, and discreetly communicate with them through an app disguised as a Google search page to avoid alerting the perpetrator.

This enables the police to take swift action.

The novel emergency call system was introduced to 4,800 police call handlers throughout the country. The initiative was unveiled on the Korean government’s official blog and YouTube channel, and widely publicized through OOH media in police stations and government offices across the nation.

Following the campaign launch, a total of 5,749 links were dispatched to individuals in emergency situations, and as a result, ‘Knock Knock’ was officially recognized as an emergency call system in South Korea.

“Through the Knock Knock campaign, we hope our silent 112 police emergency call system becomes a sustainable solution in which any citizen in danger can reach out to, and any police officer can quickly respond to,” an official of the Korean National Police Agency said.




Campaign Credits

Creative Director: Seongphil Hwang
Copywriter: Seungree Kang
Creative Strategy: Junpyo Kim
Art Director: Taeyul Ko
Art Director: Suntaeck Kim
Global Copywriter: Hyoeun Jeon
Designer: Wanmo Koo
Designer: Jeakyun Kim
Designer: Sungjin Lee
Design Company: Bounce Creative
Production Company: Junpasang Production
Executive Producer: Kyounghyun Kim
Production Designer: Seunghyun Jo
Producer: Minkyoung Choi
Music Composer: Jawan Gu
Sound / Music: On the Track
Sound Designer: David Kwon
Production Company: Winning habit
Director: Hyungseok Song
Editor: Jungdae Min
Flame Artist: Jinhee Lee
Colorist: Wonwoo Choi
Post Production: Sogeukjang
Post Production: Aura
Cinematography: Junsung Yoon
Photographer: Choongsun Park

Awards Recognition

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