Creative Dive: Corona Sunset Insurance – Starcom China

Corona partnered with Starcom China to launch Corona Sunset Insurance, the world’s first-insurance product from a beer brand.


Corona (AB InBev)


Starcom China

Campaign Date

September, 2022



Campaign Background

Many people will know how it feels to have a vacation ruined by constant rain. So, when people in China began to travel again in 2022, Corona wanted to give them the best sunsets of their lives – even if it rained non-stop on their next beach holiday.

Corona, together with Starcom China, launched Corona Sunset Insurance, the world’s first-ever insurance product from a beer brand. Over 2,600 claims were made by thousands of travellers, and their incredible sunsets were widely shared on social channels, making Corona synonymous with sunsets.


The Work

Deeper Dive

Marc Leclerc

Marc Leclerc, Deputy Managing Director, Starcom China, and Head of Starcom One ABI, offers a deeper look into the Corona Sunset Insurance Campaign.

What market insights drove the creative inspiration behind the campaign?

Corona’s brief to Starcom was to help people disconnect from the routine they’ve been stuck in, reconnect with nature and finally relax again.

Globally, Corona has identified the sunset as one of the brand’s most important relaxation occasions since 2015. “Owning” the sunset in China became a key objective of this campaign, too.

Our target audience was young travelers going on a beach holiday to disconnect from their busy lives. In the recent 2022 Top Lifestyle Trends Report, conducted by RED (China’s leading social lifestyle platform), over 71% of young people indicated they seek nature destinations as their top travel location; and over 58% do so in order to escape their fast-paced city life.

How did the campaign evolve creatively?

The creative idea was to offer the first-ever sunset insurance to beach travelers. To achieve this, we decided to partner with China’s leading travel agency and flight booking service, Qunar.

Anyone booking a beach holiday on the platform could opt-in to be covered by Corona Sunset Insurance right at the time of purchase of their flight.

If they didn’t enjoy a sunset on their holiday due to bad weather, they could change their flights free of charge. By simply moving their return date, we ensured they’d see a beautiful sunset to enjoy their Coronas with.

Tell us about some of the challenges putting the campaign together for launch.

We needed to reach travellers at the precise moment they were booking their next beach holiday, worrying whether rain would ruin their trip. We then offered a solution that guaranteed they would be able to relax while enjoying the ultimate sunset moment.

Working closely with Qunar, we added a pop-up that prompted travelers to add Corona Sunset Insurance when they booked a beach holiday.

“If they didn’t enjoy a sunset on their holiday due to bad weather, they could change their flights free of charge.”

Once added, we then sent notifications to keep Corona top-of-mind and remind people to claim the insurance if the weather turned bad. If they did make a claim, they could then extend their return date for free, ensuring they’d see a sunset.

To make these sunsets even more memorable, we enlisted hundreds of local guides, from surfers to hiking guides and fishermen. Our guides took travelers to the best secret places to experience a once-in-a-lifetime sunset – with a Corona in hand, of course.

What were the results in terms of KPIs?

Overall, the objective of increasing brand love for Corona was achieved with an increase of 18%. Furthermore:

  • Over 1 million people signed up for Corona Sunset Insurance
  • Over 2,600 claims were made
  • 12.8 million impressions.

Best of all, unique Corona sunset moments were shared all over social channels, achieving Corona’s global objective of ‘owning’ the sunset in China and beyond.

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