A Conversation with Ishan Farooq and Hufsah Nasir from Creative Chaos

Branding in Asia recently spoke with the CEO of Creative Chaos, Ishan Farooq, and the agency’s Group Account Manager, Hufsah Nasir, about their approach to strategy and the importance of content and storytelling.

Farooq remarked that “The essence behind every initiative that we take is to make sure that we think of the whole nine yards, we think about the complete loop of communication and make sure that it’s not only broadcasting a piece of communication or content, it basically getting people to engage with it, interact with it and make sure that there is some end result for the brand.”

Watch the entire conversation here.


Ali Mankani - Rimsha Shakir

Ali Mankani - Rimsha Shakir

Ali is a Pakistan-based cinematographer, director, and designer. Rimsha is a film student also based in Pakistan.

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