Korea’s Caribbean Bay and Cheil Combine for Curious CPR Training Campaign

Cheil Worldwide has released a case study video to showcase a curious campaign done for Korean waterpark Caribbean Bay, that was designed to teach Koreans how to perform CPR.

“Life Pump” is based on statistics from the Korean Association of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation that 93% of Koreans don’t know how to perform basic CPR in a life-threatening situation.

To address the problem, mannequins, that doubled as air pumps for swimming tubes, were placed around the Caribbean Bay. Visitors were then encouraged to pump the mannequin’s chests to fill the tubes.


Check it out:


The idea is billed by Cheil in a press release as a “revolutionary hands-on CPR training campaign” to help prevent water-related accidents.

“Most people are aware of the importance of CPR but there are not many who can actually do it with confidence in emergencies,” said a Cheil spokesperson. “Our aim was to help people experience CPR and even master it voluntarily. That is how Life Pump was born.”


Did it really help?

The film says that within three weeks, 5,851 swimming tubes were filled with air and 5,851 people learned how to perform CPR while doing so. However, it remains unclear if people learned much more than how to repeatedly pump a rubber chest — though there is the benefit of increased awareness.


Agency: Cheil Worldwide
Advertiser: Caribbean Bay
Chief Creative Officer: Jeongkeun Yoo
Creative Director: Hyungkyun Oh / Sungphil Hwang
Copywriter: Jia Kim
Account Director: Jaehwan Lee
Account Executive: Chan Kim / Hyunjin Shim / Junseok Park / Hana Lee
Production Co.: Junpasang
Director: Yonghan Moon
Assistant Director: Hunpyo Kim
Cinematographer: Jaejeong Kim
CM Planner: Kyounghyun Kim
Production Designer : Seunghyun Jo
Executive Producer: Sunho Bae
Film Producer: Dongjo An
Post-Production Company: Seoul Visions
Editor: Daehyun Cho
Colorist: Soyeon Kim
Flame Artist: Naedo Lee
Post Producer: Hanbi Choi
Sound Production Co.: Kiss FM
Sound Designer: Sungrae Hong
Sound Studio Producer: Inu Hwang
Other Sound Production Credits: Taeho Park
Freelancer Copywriter: Hyewon Shin
Photographer: Jiwon Choi / Kyungwon Kang
Design: Bounce Creative
Designer: Wanmo Koo / Jaekyun Kim / Sungjin Lee
Promotion: Changhwa Yeo / Myoungjun Joo
Model Agency: People Agency
Model Agency Credits: Sooyang Park / Sungjoon Choi

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