Coway and Grey Malaysia Join Forces Again to launch ‘Rest with Coway’

“With the Coway Dream Study, we are revealing new sides of our humanity and using that data to visualise unique insights…”

Coway and Grey Malaysia have once again joined forces to launch ‘Rest with Coway’ — a nationwide study of Malaysians’ dreams and resting habits, to educate and assist people in achieving quality rest in their everyday lives.

The campaign is released in two distinct phases. Phase One calls on Malaysians to participate in a study centred around their rest habits and invites them to share the details of their dreams. This is then dramatically visualised into unique AI-generated artwork. With the guidance of a professional psychologist, the agency will use all the subsequent data and insights to set the course for the campaign’s second phase.


In Phase Two, a microsite is launched, where people can search and discover the gallery of dreams from the public, learning and discovering the importance of a relaxed body and mind. Selected AI visualisations of the dreams will then be used in social, digital, OOH and DOOH to drive the campaign. Insights from the study will be data visualized and geo-located so that one can see what people in their location have been dreaming about. This will drive further engagement, buzz and conversation. The campaign creates a platform for a new series of Coway products that hopes to address Malaysians’ ‘rest’ challenges, giving them an easier way to start their night on a perfect note.

“Have you ever experienced days when you wake up after a night’s sleep feeling less than refreshed? We found out that a huge 78% of Malaysians are not well rested at night, something we aim to improve by better understanding the dynamics of rest. We wanted to uncover its root causes to offer tailored solutions to help Malaysians attain the rest they truly deserve, whenever needed,” said Ryan Jung, Head of Marketing and Education Division, Coway Malaysia.

The campaign also includes a Once-In-A-Lifetime Contest, which gives Malaysians the chance to win one of five exclusive prizes —a Private Island Escape, a K-Pop Experience Trip, A Day with Brand Ambassador Mira Filzah, a Dream Cash Prize, and a Full Dream Experience.

The team also collaborated with production company Directors Think Tank to produce a film that unveiled survey insights and restful solutions to those challenges. The film also features Coway’s brand ambassador, Mira Filzah, joined by Coway customers as their dreams are visualised and brought to life with the help of generative AI.


“Dreams, we all have them, yet we know so little about them. Turning dreams into graspable imagery allows us to delve deeper into understanding the wondrous minds of Malaysians while opening up a completely new conversation about their resting and sleeping habits. This nationwide study showcases Coway’s commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation and continues to change the lives of Malaysians in every facet,” said Heng Thang Wei, Executive Creative Director of Grey Malaysia.

Graham Drew, Chief Creative Officer, Grey Malaysia, added, “Generative AI can do amazing things, but where it really comes to life is when it allows us to do things that simply weren’t possible before, like visually portraying the magical world of dreams that until now has only existed in our head. With the Coway Dream Study, we are revealing new sides of our humanity and using that data to visualise unique insights into the realm of rest that Coway can actively use to educate and innovate future products and services.”


Agency: GREY Malaysia

Chief Creative Officer: Graham Drew

Deputy Executive Creative Director: Heng Thang Wei

Associate Creative Director: Terces Pok

Creative Group Head: Charlene Ong

Senior Copywriter: Megan Ong
Copywriter: Raja Farhana

Art Director: Anlyne Chen

Designers: Yee Qing, Aqeil, Tee Qi Xiang, Clement Ong

General Manager: Marcus SK

Account Director: Patricia Lee

Account Executive: Amanda Cheh

AV producer: Suzy Chiang

Production: Directors Think Tank

Film Director: Sling Ng

Producers: Tan Shu Ying
Website Development: Colony Group, Comma Digital

Web Project Manager: Kelly Ng

Web UX/UI Lead : Samuel Tan

Web UX/UI Designer: Cheryl Ng

Web Developer: Andy Lim


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