‘Covidman’ Terrifies Bangkok While Highlighting Dangers of the Road

    By Sam Roth - Dec 17, 2020
    ‘Covidman’ Terrifies Bangkok While Highlighting Dangers of the Road

    The Thai Health Promotion Foundation launched “Covidman” to raise road safety awareness. The clever film juxtaposes the seriousness with which Thai’s have responded to the Coronavirus pandemic with their generally lax attitude toward the incredibly high level of traffic fatalities that occur daily across the nation.

    The 2-minute spot, created by BBDO Bangkok and directed by the agency’s Creative Chairman, Suthisak Sucharittanonta, is a wild ride through the streets of the Thai capital. Think one part Jason Bourne, one part Austin Powers, toss in a bad guy in a Teletubbies-esque bodysuit and you’re most of the way there.

    In true Thai fashion, the short film takes a comical spin on some very serious issues.


    At one point a lettuce leaf is used as a makeshift facemask to defend against Covidman. At another, a 6-gallon water jug is utilized as full-face protective gear. Throughout the spot, covid trackers, donning white full-body scrubs and butterfly nets, sprint after the wily villain. It’s a chase right up there with The French Connection.

    “Covidman” opens with Covidman re-entering Bangkok while most people have lowered their guard due to low infection rates. Upon seeing him, crowds of people are shocked and scared. In response, they grab anything they can to try and protect themselves from it, stopping at nothing to ensure their health and safety,” said Suthisak.


    “As the film progresses, Covidman is chased around the city by men in protective gear, hoping to catch and contain him before he infects anyone else. However, before he can, a crosswalk and a red light change everything,” Suthisak added.

    “Thailand has had one of the best responses in the world to Covid, but there is another more deadly threat out there that we can protect ourselves from. If we responded to all threats and took measures to protect ourselves from them like we do with Covid, we could save many lives.”

    The film ends with a serious warning, urging the public to take care of their health and safety by protecting themselves on the road. At the end of the day, traffic is one of the biggest killers nationwide.

    Suthisak directed the film through Triton production company and shot it in Bangkok’s old town district in November 2020.

    Clients: Thai Health Promotion Foundation
    Agency: BBDO Bangkok
    Creative Director/Art Director/Copywriter: Suthisak Sucharittanonta
    Production House: Triton
    Director: Suthisak Sucharittanonta
    DOP: Assada Sreshthaputra
    2nd Camera: Suraboon Purnaveja
    3rd Camera: Nakornchai Srisopha
    Executive Producer: Thacksakorn Pradubpongsa
    Producer: Penporn Vitthisomboon
    Asst Director: Sanyapit Suriyotai /Pungchitt Wajanasatian
    Production Design: Rajadej Na-nagara
    Production Manager: Phoosuda Sanondontree/ Thanyamat Yamavirun
    Wardrobe: Punnipast Hirunkoolchord
    Props Master: Sirinut Prabpinas
    Location: Uthit Boonsoemkhanit / Poonsak Ponintawong/ Phanumas Mongkhonsappaya
    Editing Company: Matad
    Editor: Manop Boonvipas
    Asst Editor: Akira Ngamphathipong
    Post Production Company: Postini
    Online Artist : Prachaya Inmee
    Compositor : Sukit Kongkedkra
    Online Producer : Suchada Boonsorn
    Colorist: Jirapat Kungsapiwatana
    Motocycle Rig Rider: Thachpon Veerapakorn
    Camera: Big Eye
    Lighting&Grips: Lighthouse Film Service

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