Low-Calorie Korean Drink Launches Sexy Cosplay Campaign to Attract Teens

A drink company in Korea has come out with a low-calorie soft drinks as part of a campaign which aims to reduce sugar consumption. The company, Kwangdong Pharmaceutical, has also taken a unique approach with the new products – giving a gaming theme to them and bringing in Korean cosplay collective Spiral Cats for the promotion.

The colorfully dressed drinks are called HP and MP – with the former standing for Healing Potion, and the latter is Mana Potion.


A standard 400 ml bottle of the two drinks – HP and MP – contain 120 kilocalories each, which is 30 percent lower than the average calories that exist in carbonated drinks sold in Korea, according to the company.

“We target young consumers, particularly in their teens and 20s. Also, we’ll make efforts to supply more healthy soft drinks to them,” a spokesman said, according to The Korea Times.

An event to celebrate the sale of the new products was held at the Incheon Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon where the 2017 League of Legend Champions Korea spring final match took place.


Kwangdong ise Vita 500. Its other products are Corn Silk Tea and herbal tonic drink Kwangdong Ssangwha. The company also sells SamDaSoo, which happens to be the country’s most popular bottled water brand, under a contract with the Jeju Provincial Development Co.

Spiral cats at an activation event:

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Here is a vintage 1985 spot from Kwangdong:

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Ribhu Singh

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