Biti’s Hunter Launches Coronavirus ‘Canvas of Pride’ Sneaker in Vietnam 

Two of the models available in the special edition collection.

While Vietnam and its government have done well at keeping the Coronavirus outbreak in check, the people, much like everywhere else in the world, live their day-to-day lives in a period of uncertainty with an unclear view of what the future holds.

As part of a campaign designed to lift the national spirit during difficult times, Vietnam-based shoe brand Bitis has launched a campaign for a new collection of footwear called, “Vietnamese Canvas of Pride, Proudly Made In Vietnam Edition.”

“People need our support, whether they are from Vietnam or from other countries, we must all be as one.”


The campaign, done in collaboration with Vietnamese Hip Hop Artist Viet Max centers around a collection of “#ProudlyMadeInVietnam” sneakers featuring hip-hop street style artwork that conveys positive messages such as “We Are Ready”, “No one is left behind in this war” and “Come back home and quarantine”.

Bitis Vice President of Marketing Hung Vo told Branding in Asia that it’s important to instill pride during difficult times, no matter what the challenges might be.

“Even though we are a small country, we have risen during this period of difficulty where care, love, compassion are sometimes rarely found over fear and selfishness,” said Vo, “People need our support, whether they are from Vietnam or from other countries, we must all be as one.”


“Never has this country witnessed such huge positivity, and love, Việt Nam Là Nhà, Vietnam Tuyệt Vời, Việt Nam là Nhất, both from our people domestically and from all over the world,” added Vo.

You can find out more about the special edition shoes over on their website.

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Bobby McGill

Bobby McGill

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