Brand Element Design: Chillitos, Cheesy Pops, Tomato Pops, Oh My

Colorful packaging forCornions’ Chillitos, Cheesy Pops and Tomato Pops.


This newly launched range of vibrant and attractive packaging design is for the brand of corn based snacks in India by Cornions. A graphic style has been used while using product shots as the focus, as in this case seeing the product through the packaging was crucial for it to sell off the shelves.


Along with this a combination of pop colours and subtle illustrations add play to the narration. The range comprises of various design styles to position each product type differently.

These appetising savouries are made using regional agro resources. Targeted primarily at the large young local population as affordable and tasty anytime nibbles, these have been launched in South India, and will be soon available nation wide.

cornions-01 cornions-02 cornions-03 cornions-04 cornions-05 cornions-06 cornions-07 cornions-08 cornions-09

Agency: Impprintz
Design & Direction: Rahul Sureka, Simran Sahi
Photography: Jeremy Caroll
Printing, material and manufacturing: ITC Ltd
Client: Rengamani Industries
Location: India

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The Staff

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