Contenders at Cannes 2024: Not Very Sweet – Delight | Ogilvy Bangkok

Leading up to Cannes Lions, we showcase creative campaigns submitted from across the Asia Pacific.

Campaign Background

Ogilvy Bangkok

For over 50 years, Yakult has led Thailand’s yogurt market. It’s well-known for probiotics and has shaped Thai taste preferences for sweet flavors, building strong brand loyalty. Other brands often just copy Yakult.

People see these yogurts as a “healthy treat”, but they don’t know that these products have more sugar than fizzy drinks. This unravels the deceptive “sugar-coating”.

Delight, a smaller brand, introduced its o.1% sugar Probiotic Yogurt to challenge the market leaders. It offers a real, healthier choice, especially for today’s health-aware people.

Delight’s aim is two-fold: to cut down sugar for better health by dismantling the sugar-coated ideology, and to show that genuine effort matters more than just sweet talk.

Insight & Idea

Our concept, “Not Very Sweet”, tells a special story. It’s based on a Thai cultural idea: “real care doesn’t hide behind sweetness”. It means that when you’re close to someone, you’re most honest with them.

You tell them the truth without making it sound nicer, while being more considerate to people you’re not as close to. The main point is that real caring and wanting the best for others don’t need sweet words.

True feelings don’t need to be covered up with fake sweetness, especially with those we care about most.


“Not Very Sweet” aimed to change how people behave by using real Thai insights of showing care. We made engaging stories with characters people can relate to. These characters spoke in a loud, seemingly indifferent manner.

This seemed uncaring at first, but their words showed genuine care. The film ended in a funny and warm way, showing how far people go to show they care. A clever twist ending those touches both laughter and emotions, integrating our hero product’s animated bottle strategically for a lasting impression on today’s generation.

The campaign started with a series of online films. These were later turned into short ads. Within weeks, the real issue in our category became clear. Our campaign fit right in, sharing educational content on different online platforms.


  • +200% ABOVE KPI
  • In just 5 months, Delight not only challenged industry giants but also disrupted cynical behaviors, proving the success of purpose-driven creativity that advocated, “less sweet talk is indeed better”.
  • Achieved ½ of the total online population, almost doubling the set KPI.
  • Initiated meaningful conversations about “sugar-coated products” within health discussions on social media.
  • +7.8% recruitment of “today’s generation” with health-conscious mindset into the brand.

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