Contenders at Cannes 2024: Fit My Feet – Buckaroo | McCann Worldgroup India

Leading up to Cannes Lions, we showcase creative campaigns submitted from across the Asia Pacific.

Campaign Background

McCann Worldgroup India

People suffering from clubfeet are usually found below the poverty line. While club foot is classified as a birth defect, there are multiple environmental and economic factors that lead to the abnormality.

Given their income strata, they can’t afford the expensive surgical or footwear solutions available. And living with clubfeet leads to loss of not just mobility, but also opportunity and dignity.

Our approach was to not just create a design that could create bespoke footwear for the problem, but also make it cost-effective, widely distributable and scalable. This is why the FitMyFeet kit was specifically designed to work with the vast street-cobbler network of India.

We started designing the kits in collaboration with orthopedic doctors and footwear designers late last year, and early this year we started testing them with street cobblers. Once the material testing and learnings were finalized, the kits were launched with a test-market in Mumbai.

We kicked off the pilot on 22nd February 2024 and since then over 228,000 custom flip-flops have found their feet. The placement of the kits is with over 4.5K street-cobblers, with plans to scale to pan-India by the end of the year.

FitMyFeet successfully managed to create customized flip-flops for clubfeet at just USD 2.40 a pair, while also generating a new revenue stream for cobblers.

So far more than 228,000 customized flip-flops have managed to reach its consumer.

With every customized flip-flop, we enable mobility, opportunity, and dignity.

Working with over 4.5K cobblers and sticking to advertising on the walls behind them, we’ve managed to create a smart and cost-effective means of generating awareness.

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