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Campaign Background

DDB Mudra Group

“When it comes to food, we eat with our eyes first.”

Food paints us a picture, and it is this picture that triggers cravings and builds anticipation. This is why visual representation is one of the most important parts of the customer journey when it comes to food.

However, for the approximately 70 million colour-blind individuals in India, this magic diminishes. Picture juicy red tomatoes, traditionally associated with deliciousness, losing their lustre and appearing as dull grey. The excitement vanishes. We believe that choosing food should not be a guessing game and that everyone should enjoy the delightful excitement and promise of a McDonald’s meal.

As we continue to expand our efforts with EatQual, we widened the lens on the McDonald’s experience to tackle an inequity that is often invisible. We know that the magic of a McDonald’s meal starts well before you take the first bite.

But for a large section of the population with colour blindness, that experience was a muted one. We were dedicated to making the ordering process visually appealing for everyone.

This is how we developed McDelivery into the first colour-blind-friendly delivery app in India, introducing the ‘Colour-Blind Friendly’ technology feature and launching it on World Sight Day, October 12, 2023.

The feature helps users select from three colour enhancement options that allow colour-blind people (people with colour deficiency disorder) to see the real colour of their food and drinks. All the McDonald’s commercials on YouTube now come with the option to be viewed as per one’s colour blindness.

We enhanced the in-store experience to ensure that all our touchpoints reiterated our commitment to inclusivity.

Within 6 months, the colour-blind friendly feature improved McDonald’s brand perception and impacted revenue growth positively and around 16% of all McDelivery orders were placed using the colour-blind friendly feature.

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