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Campaign Background

BBDO India

Our parents, grandparents, uncles, and aunts love to make digital payments. And digital payment scammers love them back.

In India, digital payment frauds are valued at 1.55 billion dollars.

Payments on WhatsApp, decided to step in and help the older generation by creating a public service announcement.

But how do you educate people about scams without scaring them?

So we decided to entertain them instead.

“In just 3 weeks, our song was recognized by even top government authorities of India.”

We tapped into nostalgia and memory structures of the older audience by recreating the most popular Bollywood song from the ‘70s, which was a cheerful anthem of caution. The video that picturized our song captured rampant scams currently affecting our target audience.

We surprised them by adding extra meaning and purpose to a song they already love.

Turning it into a melodic lesson about digital payment scams.

In just 3 weeks, our song was recognized by even top government authorities of India.

Police departments like ‘Assam police’, ‘Telengana Police’, ‘Maharashtra Cyber’, trying to combat scams began to use our song as a weapon of awareness.

Thousands of family WhatsApp groups shared our song.

Our song was not just another parody but a tool of safety for the country.

Now, every time someone says Aye Bhai (Hey brother), people sing ‘zara scam se bacho.’ (Stay safe from scams)

The Work

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