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Campaign Background

Design Bridge and Partners

Taikoo Li, an iconic hospitality, entertainment and retail destination in Chengdu, China, was forced to go quiet through long covid lockdowns across the country. The brand needed a way to reconnect and reengage patrons with their unique flavour of experience… from home.

Unable to visit the Temple, we took the Temple to the people. To keep our loyal patrons feeling connected, we reimagined the experience and brought it to them through The Temple.

An immersive digital arts space, inspired by the 1800-year-old iconic Temple at its heart. A calm, beautiful, innovative experience.

Our solution was to design a digital platform that reimagines the contemporary experiences of Taikoo Li, its cultural heritage and reputation as a patron and collector of the arts. A digital sanctuary for the arts, self-expression, and subtle connections to the retail experience. We named this ‘The Temple’, inspired by the ancient Daci Temple at the centre of Taikoo Li’s streets and lanes.

The Temple is constructed into three distinct rooms – The House of Light, The Blossom Garden, and The Infinity Tower. Each of the rooms is inspired by rituals within the Daci Temple, from observing the movement of light and shadows that reveal inner meaning, to releasing a koi carp, and the melody of interactive singing bowls and water meditation.

We worked with three artists creating bespoke digital art pieces for each of the rooms and launched the platform through WeChat to all Taikoo Li’s followers, fans, and patrons.


  • Within a month The Temple launch campaign had reached: 5,897,322 views on WeChat moments
  • 76,962 article reads on WeChat

The Work

All images via Design Bridge and Partners

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