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Campaign Background

Publicis Q Japan

Moonbows are so rare that most of humankind will never experience them in their entire lifetime. Their rarity inspired INFINITI, the luxury arm of Nissan Motor Co, to create a truly inimitable pigment called Moonbow Blue to launch its three-row SUV QX60 – a colour combines shades of blue, grey, lilac and light magenta, just like a moonbow.

But how to get people to experience this beautifully complex colour?

When Publicis Q learnt about the QX60’s multifarious colour, it shot for the moon with Project Moonshot, an immersive experience created in collaboration with generative artists Ouchhh Studio in Istanbul.

Together, they wanted to empower everyone to experience this beautifully complex colour using astral data from the moon, sun and stars.

There were challenges at every step, starting with the data collection. To stay true to the colours of a moonbow, Publicis Q set out to find open-source data partners, and it took months of work to organise unsequestered data from NASA, Earth Observatory, Kaggle and NOAA. Hundreds of test-and-learn cycles were needed to create 16 ever-changing design pieces.

“Hundreds of test-and-learn cycles were needed to create 16 ever-changing design pieces.”

After launching in Japan, these art pieces will travel far and wide to INFINITI dealerships in the US, Canada, GCC, Mexico and China. By democratizing moonbows and bringing them to the streets, Publicis Q is now making immersive design stories a powerful part of the INFINITI consumer experience.

The Work

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