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Campaign Background

Landor & Fitch

Since we work from home more, lunch breaks have become a thing of the past, because work now is back-to-back online meetings with cameras on! We have no choice but to eat on screen.

Mostly okay, unless your food is a burger! Eating and enjoying a burger is messy and that’s part of the pleasure in real life – but on camera in front of your colleagues, it’s a big no-no! So as work-from-home numbers rise, burger sales across the world have dipped. Sri Lankan burger brand Full’r wanted to find a creative solution to put burgers back on people’s lunch plates.

Eating a burger loses all its flavor when people can see you do it.

Our idea: Eat like no one’s watching!

And to help people eat their burgers with pleasure even in an online meeting, we used scannable technology.

The QR code on the packaging leads people to a website, where they can record their best meeting gameface pretending to nod and listen, download the video, and upload it as a virtual background on Zoom and Google Meet. Once the background is live, they can eat their juicy burgers without anyone in their meeting knowing, and in the way that comes to most of us naturally: messy, sloppy, and satisfied!

To drive this awareness in a fun, playful and engaging way, Full’r created a campaign spanning multiple touchpoints on physical and digital mediums. As the idea was to “hack” online meetings, the visual identity hacked the visuals of online meeting calendar graphics to demonstrate that now our food can find a place in your busy day.

Touchpoints like Instagram posts and stories, web banners, posters and several experience design elements showcased people eating juicy burgers within the calendar meeting visual to drive the point home.

“People loved the idea of hacking their meetings and devouring their burgers behind the scenes.”

The web banners were aired on UberEats & PickMe Foods, the local Sri Lankan food delivery services, and posters were put up around office spaces, to get as many people to use the hack as possible.

Special edition packaging was also developed for all the Full’r burgers and menu items, in which every meeting slot represents a delicious part of your meal, through meeting names and colours relating to each ingredient found in the dish.

People loved the idea of hacking their meetings and devouring their burgers behind the scenes! They started scanning and eating like no one’s watching, and in just one week we brought burgers back:


  • 3700+ QR code scans
  • 2,500+ customers tried the hack
  • +1900 new followers on Instagram
  • And most importantly + 306% increase in orders.


The Work

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