Consumer Trends in Asia Shaping the Future Today: Part Two – ‘Shoppingmas’

    By Nicole Fall & Martin Roll - Aug 3, 2018
    Consumer Trends in Asia Shaping the Future Today: Part Two – ‘Shoppingmas’

    Asia is home to some of the world’s fastest-developing economies. Here, e-commerce and communication set global trends instead of follow them.

    Here is the second of a six-part series written by Nicole Fall and Martin Roll for Think with Google.

    Shoppingmas describes consumer moments that combine deals and entertainment to create carnival-esque experiences. See what this new trend means for your business.

    Shoppingmas events are special days that bring together commerce and entertainment. On these days, both online and offline retailers offer consumers great deals and also make consumers part of a collective experience. Shoppingmas is all about having fun while you splurge.

    Prime examples of such events are one-day shopping events like Singles Day (11/11) and Black Friday, which are extremely popular across many Asian countries and are only growing in size. As the number of these Shoppingmas occasions increases, consumer purchasing behavior shifts to cover roughly six occasions per year centered on significant shopping festivals. The entertainment built into these festivals elevates Shoppingmas events from sales events to genuine carnivals.

    Countless opportunities exist for brands to participate in Shoppingmas through sponsorships, content, games, giveaways, and special offers. See how the trend is developing.


    L’Oreal participated in the Shoppingmas frenzy around Singles Day in 2017 with a 360-degree video of its Champs-Elysee fashion show. The brand also installed augmented reality devices at retail outlets that let consumers try on cosmetics virtually before purchasing online. These initiatives helped tie the online and offline shopping experiences together during the brand’s new launch.


    Ralph Lauren launched promotions on Alibaba’s Tmall and JD.com to participate in Singles Day 2017. The company encouraged people to enroll in its WeChat customer system by offering them an exclusive “Polo Bear” WeChat emoji as a registration perk. By building buzz around Shoppingmas days, brands are initiating long-term relationships that create various cycles of engagement.


    While Alibaba is doing a great job of tapping into the Shoppingmas trend with Singles Day, there is still potential for brands to leverage the breadth of other Shoppingmas days. Brands should shift their marketing focus and investment into promoting new launches around Shoppingmas days for maximum impact.

    Lifestyle brands of all kinds could create livestream Shoppingmas events with influencers and creators acting as hosts and shopping ambassadors, tapping into the countdown buzz. This would be a win-win for consumers who could plan and save for Shoppingmas events while also having fun.

    A version of this was originally posted on Think With Google. You can download the full Consumer Trends report here.


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