Japanese Condom Ad Examines the Importance of Being Soft

It’s not without creative curiosity for even the casual observer to pay attention when a brand that revolves around something hard instead focuses on the softness of things.

So it goes with an oddly fun new ad from Japanese condom brand Skyn pitching its premium brand line by showing a couple testing the softness of different objects by throwing them at each other. (Cue chorus line from Bowie’s ‘Modern Love’ here?)

As Skyn puts it on their YouTube page, the two-minute spot, created by Ultrasupernew, “In our new film, we show a couple having fun(?!) with each other, comparing softness of a few items.”


Check it out:

“When this idea was presented, we were immediately engaged with the concept,” said Annie Hou, Business Development APAC, SKYN.

“The final output was beautiful, humorous and something we were very excited about.”


Beautiful, harmonious, and wonderfully odd. We love it.

The aim of the campaign is to encourage viewers to sign up for free samples here on their website (in Japanese) where they even feature a handy little interactive graphic comparing the softness of different items from condoms to flip-flops.

“We showcased different items and measured how soft they are. We also added another element into it, which is relationships,” said Yousuke Ozawa, Creative Director, UltraSuperNew.

“We wanted to include authentic relationships of two people with a bit of history, showing how things progress between them, and how they come together at the end with (emotional) softness.”

There is also a 30-second version as part of the campaign that is set to run until Valentine’s Day.



Creative Agency: Ultrasupernew
Creative Director: Yousuke Ozawa
Producer: Daiki Shimizu
Digital Producer: Mana Shigeki
Art Director: Rebecca Chen
Copywriter: Ryo Motooka
PR: Zoe Brooks (Boo PR)
PR: Hinata Akiha, Iwasaki Riko (Material PR)
Production: Boomachine
Director: Marc-Antoine Astier
DoP: Christoph Gelep
Producer: Miyuki Maruoka
AC: Arnaud Sarniguet
Makeup: Kaho

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