Colmo’s New AC Unit is Darwin’s Greatest Discovery

    By Asia Ad Junkie - Sep 8, 2021
    Colmo’s New AC Unit is Darwin’s Greatest Discovery

    Midea Colmo has launched a new campaign for their latest air conditioner unit, the AirNEXT. “Air Evolution” takes is a two-minute spot featuring none other than Darwin brought back from the grave.

    Created in collaboration with F5 Shanghai the fun spot features a young boy standing among a crowd, amazed as Darwin introduces one brand new species after another. His final unveiling is the AirNEXT, and oh does the crowd go wild.

    “F5 Shanghai has helped us create a clear and memorable campaign for Colmo AirNEXT. The agency’s approach to film making is also a benchmark in this region. The work they’ve provided for us consists of both visual and dialogue-driven storytelling, matched with unrivaled performances,” said Colmo brand representative, Hunter Hu.


    The campaign was launched in September and comprises the film and print advertisements, all produced by F5 Shanghai.

    “To make sure the film about Charles Darwin followed European aesthetics, we collaborated with a European production company. The live shoot and VFX scenes were done in Bulgaria, and supervised remotely from Shanghai,” said Adams Fan, Chief Creative Officer at F5.



    Client: Colmo
    Agency: F5 Shanghai
    Chief Creative Officer: Adams Fan
    Project Lead: Elio Liu
    Business Lead: Pan Gu
    Creative Group Head: Kelvin Co
    English Senior Copywriter: Sarah De Joya
    Art Director: Elio Liu
    Chinese Copywriter: Adams Fan

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