Collab Asia Opens Up Shop in Shenzhen

    The newest office is the 8th for Collab.

    By The Staff - Mar 19, 2021
    Collab Asia Opens Up Shop in Shenzhen

    Credit: Jun Huil, PExels.com

    Collab Asia announced the opening of its first office in Mainland China. The company’s new facility in Shenzhen will support Collab Asia’s strategic growth in Greater China.

    The new opening in Shenzhen is Collab Asia’s 8th office, supplementing the company’s existing footprint in Korea, Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong SAR and Singapore.

    “Increasing local presence in Mainland China represents a crucial part of our business strategy as this allows us to launch cross-territory inbound/outbound content localization and syndication across China and overseas platforms, in/out of China and the rest of Asia to increase monetization,” said Eugene Choi, the CEO and Co-founder of Collab Asia, Inc..

    “This will help our clients and partners capture key opportunities in Asia’s rapidly growing markets, and further enhance our operational agility to expand across the country.”

    As of 2020, Collab Asia manages 4,000 video channels and social media accounts with 270 million loyal subscribers across leading platforms such as YouTube, TikTok and Facebook.

    The company is currently partnered with over 100 Chinese creators and is also working with over 120 foreign creators to syndicate their content on China’s leading platforms such as Xigua and bilibili.

    “China is a promising market for digital content syndication and monetization. The views earned by Collab Asia’s clients on Chinese platforms increased by over 300% in 2020, eclipsing 100 million monthly views by February 2021,” said Raffi Kamalian, the Head of Greater China for Collab Asia.

    “We are excited about putting our flag in Shenzhen which we believe will significantly boost our growth in the market. We also look forward to syndicating more local Chinese content across Asia through our exclusive network and know-how.”

    “Moreover, we plan to develop partnerships with additional platforms such as Douyu and Zhihu while strengthening existing partnerships with domestic major platforms beyond YouTube, such as bilibili, Xigua video, Weibo, iQiyi, Netease and Tencent Video. This will allow us to connect creators with the right platforms and audiences for greater monetization.” Raffi added.


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