Colgate Introduces Recyclable Toothpaste Tubes in Sustainability Campaign




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Red Fuse, WPP’s integrated global team dedicated to serving Colgate-Palmolive, has launched a new campaign entitled “Share the Answers” highlighting their use of HPDE recyclable toothpaste tubes. The campaign features an animated recyclable toothpaste tube called “Colley”, which has been rolled out across Meta, YouTube and TikTok and will include select in-store promotional materials.

“We are committed to help find solutions to the problem plastic represents for the planet. And we want to do it holistically from making our products recyclable whilst simultaneously educating people and collaborating with organizations on the ground,” said said Yves Briantias, Vice President Marketing, APAC.

“We are kicking-off our campaign in Asia Pacific, starting with Australia, with a range of animated content, including this lovely video introducing Colley, our newly launched recyclable tube.”


Kenny Choo, Regional Executive Creative Director Red Fuse, APAC said: “We want to help people understand the new technology of Colgate’s recyclable tube in a fun and engaging way, and Colley brings that “refreshing” appeal to the toothpaste category. Colley is full of energy and optimism and she is often found chatting about recyclable plastic with Genny, an animated tube character that’s not recyclable. We feel that these characters will permeate through cultures and across continents for both Colgate and consumers. We have developed content that will appeal to all generations and that will help to encourage more discussion around recycling and sustainable habits.”

The campaign was first launched in Australia and is expected to be adopted across other APAC markets.


With plastic waste being an increasingly urgent environmental issue, Colgate has pledged to design and deliver circular and alternative solutions for all Colgate products, as part of their 2025 Sustainability & Social Impact Strategy.


Yves Briantias – Vice President Marketing, APAC
Lyndon Morant – Marketing Director IBE, APAC
Tiffany OuYang – Design Director, APAC
Laura Vogel – Marketing Director, APAC
Fernando Gomez Pinal – Marketing Manager, APAC
Shashank Singh – Sustainability Manager, APAC
May Lam – Indirect Procurement Senior Manager, APAC

Red Fuse Hong Kong
Daniel Cullen – Regional Executive Director, APAC
Kenny Choo – Regional Executive Creative Director, APAC
Guillaume Lamy – Regional Creative Director, APAC
Virginia Tse – Regional Head of Production, APAC
Clara Roxas – Regional Senior Copywriter, APAC
Kusuma Arunanondchai – Regional Art Director, APAC
Orlando Hooper-greenhill – Regional Interim Head of Strategy, APAC
Shreya Jhamtani – Regional Account Manager, APAC

Hogarth and Ogilvy Singapore
Eddy Lam – Senior Producer, Hogarth Singapore
Andy Wilson – Senior Partner, Ogilvy Consulting Singapore

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