Goodbye Coke Zero, Hello Coke ‘No Sugar’ – Company Hopes New Recipe Attracts Health Conscious Consumers

Goodbye Coke Zero, Hello Coke No Sugar. In a rebrand of their popular no calorie drink, Coca-Cola giving it with a new look and new name. The changes will launch first in the Australia and New Zealand markets.

More than just a new look, the change represents a new recipe. One in which the company claims it tastes even more like original Coke.

“The taste experts at Coca-Cola HQ in the US have been quietly blending the flavors of this exciting new recipe for more than five years,” the brand’s website says.


Coca-Cola debuted the new recipe in Great Britain in June 2016. It launched in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Ireland later that year, and it is expected to expand into South Africa later this year. As for the name changes, most of the world will continue drinking Coke Zero for now.

Coke says on their website:

More than three decades ago we launched our first sugar-free Coke and we’ve been working on perfecting our no sugar recipes ever since.

With the launch of Diet Coke in 1983 Australia enjoyed its first ever lighter taste of sugar free Coca-Cola. Then came Coke Zero, launched with great success in 2006 – a refreshing step closer toward the unmistakable Coke taste without any sugar whatsoever.


Now, after 5 years in the kitchen trying to create the best tasting sugar free Coke of all time – we’ve nailed it! New Coca-Cola No Sugar – I’ll drink to that!

Coca-Cola No Sugar will be sweetened with the same sugar alternatives as Coke Zero and Diet Coke — aspartame and Acesulphame Potassium.

Look at those happy no sugar lovin’ faces. Woo hoo.


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