Coca-Cola Launches Humorous Spoof Ad For Health Drink in Korea

As part of an ongoing effort to diversify its product line in the face of a decade-long decline in soda sales, Coca-Cola last year bought South America-based healthy beverage brand AdeS, and has since been ramping up promotion of the product globally.

In South Korea, where much of the population is health conscious, AdeS launched a campaign in summer starring popular Korean actor, Cha Tae Hyun.

In a fun, 30-second spot, created by Leo Burnett Korea, we see Cha spoofing the popular 2012 Korean film Nameless Gangster: Rules of the Time.


What makes the spot funny (if you speak a little Korean) is that the brand is also spoofing its own name – “AdeS” (아데스). In Korea’s Gyeongsang province dialect the word, “A-Des-Yo” is actually a forceful way of saying “No”.

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Cha, portraying a gangster-like character in the ad, is asked by his counterpart to have a drink as a symbol of reconciliation between them, but Cha forcefully replies, “A-Des-Yo!” (No).

His counterpart persists: “This is really good.” To which Cha again responds, “A-Des-Yo!” (No).


Finally, he asks, “Is there any healthy beverage you drink?” Cha again answers, this time repeatedly “A-Des-Yo!”

However, he is now referring to the Coca-Cola beverage AdeS.

There’s been no shortage of brands around the world introducing a foreign product into a domestic market with a name that doesn’t jibe with the local language. In this instance, we like how Leo Burnett and AdeS create a scenario where the brand pokes a little fun at its name in an effective, comedic way that resonated with consumers.

The ad, which got 1.4 million views on YouTube, also takes the tact of breaking with the more common use of a female brand spokesperson pitching a healthy beverage by featuring a strong male lead with Cha.

Do we like the ad? Dang-geun-iji!

In case you didn’t know, that means “of course!” in Korean.


Client: Coca-Cola Korea
Ad Agency: Leo Burnett Korea
Byoungmoon Choi, Account Director
Jaeyun Kim, Account Manager
Ilro Bae, Creative Director
Bora Ahn, Art Director
Jinwoo Seo, Art Director
Youngwoo Kim, Copywriter
Production: Mass MessAge
Editing: Fireworks

Feature image: YouTube Screenshot


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