Coca-Cola Pays Tribute to Korean Olympians with Artwork from Kim Hyun Jung

Image: Kim Hyun Jung - Coca Cola Facebook Page

Coca-Cola has released some ad campaign spots on their Facebook page created by Korean painter, Kim Hyun Jung, paying tribute to Korea’s Olympic women athletes.

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One, especially of note, is a painting dedicated to the women’s curling team, dubbed the “Garlic Girls,” after their hometown, Uiseong, which is known for producing garlic.


The Korean team members, who have become darlings of international media, all have names inspired by various foods. Eun Jung Kim, the team captain, is known as “Yogurt,” and her teammates are dubbed “Steak” “Pancake,” “Cho-Cho” and “Sunny,” short for sunny-side-up.

Kim, the artist who created the artwork, is known for her progressive pieces that depict Korean women wearing traditional “hanbok” dresses doing everyday activities.

She also produced these for Coke:

Image: Kim Hyun Jung- Coca-Cola Facebook Page


Image: Kim Hyun Jung – Coca-Cola Facebook Page

According to a Forbes profile, where she was featured in the 2017’s 30 Under 30 Asia: Pioneer Women, Kim “challenges conservatism by revealing the female body silhouetted beneath the hanbok.”

Kim has had her own solo exhibition at the New York Metropolitan Museum and holds the distinction of being the youngest artist to exhibit her work at the Korea National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.

Here are some paintings from her Instagram.

You can see more of her fascinating artwork on her website

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