Coca-Cola Sets Up Scream Machine for Halloween in The Philippines

With Halloween approaching, Coca-Cola placed a specially-rigged soda dispenser in Manila called the “Scream Machine” to give passersby something different than the ordinary vending experience.

People who stopped at the machine and wanted a Royal (which is what they call Fanta in the Philippines) were prompted to lean close and scream loud enough for the Royal machine to give them a free drink.

After screaming at the top of their lungs, which surely the neighbors nearby must have loved, a free drink came rolling down the alot. But, as they reached to grab, the machine had a trick to go with the treat.


The Scream Machine concept comes from the Coca-Cola South East Asia Social Experience Lab, which specializes in content creation. They also did the special edition Coke cans for the Trump-Kim Summit in Singapore and Pride Day in Manila.



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